How to Register for IHGF Delhi Autumn Exhibitions and Trade Fair 2016?

A business that wants to grow has to work towards the right promotion and advertising. If you are into handicrafts and houseware business then of course there are such amazing options for you. Indian handicrafts are in demand all over the world. But you must show case your products on the right platform. If you want to take part in the exhibitions and trade fares then search for them as to where in India they will take place and on which dates. In October, IHGF Delhi Fair Autumn 2016 is on its way. This can be a good opportunity for the Indian handicrafts, gifting and furniture accessories business to get the perfect exposure.

How to register for trade fair?

delhi autumn fair

You can find most of the information about trade fairs and exhibitions online. If you get such details, you can call them up on the given number and have a word with them. These days, the online information itself is self-explanatory and so you don’t have to check out anything else. You can check the registration procedure online and go ahead that way. Once you have registered, just mark that date in your diary so that you don’t tend to forget that important day.

Preparations that you must make for the Handicraft Exhibitions with EPCH

Just as the exhibition date comes near, you must get ready with the booth and the exhibition stands. Remember, there will be large crowd at the leading trade fairs. As far as furniture expo is concerned you will see that the exhibition would have exporters, retailers, wholesalers, direct consumers as well as leading companies. Thus, your booth should work as the crowd puller. Get ready with all the specialized products when you are going for Delhi Fair Autumn 2016.

The reason why such exhibitions are a good opportunity for you to expand your business is you will come across many retailers in the professional way. They would have a look at your products and may be they would want to order things with you. There would be good amount of direct sales too. Again, you will be able to tie up with the biggies. If the company visits the fair and they need corporate gifts large in number then it would be a good thing for you. You have to suggest them the gifts that would look good as corporate gifting.

As a businessman, personally attend the event

It is true that businessmen are mostly busy and so they would want to allot the task of handling the exhibition related tasks to some employees. But if possible, the businessman should try to attend the fairs and handicraft exhibitions that come up on the large scale. This is because, it would provide them an idea as to how things should be initiated and marketed. There is just no point in keeping your business under wraps or saying that you work on a smaller scale. The trade fares and exhibitions that come up time and again should be a good opportunity for the businesses to enhance their scale.

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