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India is steam pot of diverse cultures, a fact that we take immense proud in. No two states has even the same geographical features, let alone a similar culture. The diverse features of the deserts of Rajasthan and the backwaters of Kerala had given birth to a diverse supply of crafts too. In fact, each state, blessed with different resources and culture, has become signature handicraft suppliers. Bamboo crafts that come from the cottages of handicraft suppliers in West Bengal, Tripura and Assam are the finest bamboo craft there is. Bamboo furniture is widely in use in North East region and is gaining popularity in rest of the regions. Fortunate with flourishing and exuberant beaches, the shell crafts from Goa and Kerala makes their way to wholesale handicrafts shops across the country while carpets, shawls and metal ware from Kashmir are widely adored in India and abroad. And those would be naming only a few of them.


Considering the size of India’s handicrafts shelf, the chunk of these handicrafts in the wholesale market share is presumably big. The popularity enjoyed by our traditional handicrafts worldwide inspires and motivates wholesalers to hire craftsmen and create masterpieces that speak of our history. Most wholesalers focus on their signature handicraft products and while not all of this unique works of art are crafted for wholesale, those that are sold in the wholesale market proves to be a great profit driving force for wholesalers and artisans alike.

Wholesalers, as the name suggests, deals in bulk. Now, what kind of handicrafts would be in need of bulk. You can stop guessing, because it’s your lucky day and we’re explaining. Household and furnishing articles steal the staple space of any handicraft wholesale shop. Ranging from cane chairs, tables, rugs, curtains, candles, home decor, pottery, etc made from cane, bamboo, coir, dhokra, clay and the likes, wholesale handicrafts extend to leather products and traditional textiles.


Traditional houses and offices in rural parts of the country buy handcrafted chairs, tables, rugs and other home furnishing handicrafts in bulk orders, while small scale retail shop owners makes their share of the day by buying from wholesale dealers in one place and selling it in another. The cane handicrafts of Vellore are the most sought after handicraft in South India while Bandhani’s and other embroidery crafts from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Rajkot figure in the list of best selling items at wholesale shops across the country.

Wholesalers and suppliers sometimes have in-house production of handicrafts that are fusions of two or more crafts and they hire skillful and dedicated artisans who come high in demand for crafting everything from paper handicrafts to jewelry and wooden handicrafts. Trust and talent has become the very words that wholesalers live by and have build a fruitful relationship with the customers- another craft.

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