Wholesalers of Handicrafts : EPCH.IN

The wholesale sector has a great deal of inspiring and spell bounding crafts in its backpack. Tons of articles, utensils and furniture are sold through wholesale shops and most of them are crafted by independent artisans or small scale craftsmen. Let’s take a look at what are the most hot-selling items sold through wholesale shops.



There is something special that is unique to crystalware; not only are they lustrous, they also reflects the craftsmanship behind the art instantly. Crystal crockery, candle lamps, glass jar, vases, ashtrays, figurines and other decorative items are some of the most common crystalware handicrafts that are sold in bulk through shops.


Metalware would probably be the most crowded section of a wholesale handicrafts shop. The diverse range of metal crafts allows artisans to craft article and utensil to suit many different occasions and purposes. While aluminum craftware usually takes the form of plates, bowls and goblets; copperware crafts cover a whole lot of products like idols, gift articles, plates and vases. Silverware and EPNS (Electroplated Nickel Silver) articles are also widely sold along with brass statues and doorlocks. Wrought iron lanterns, candle stands and sconces are also gaining their audience at wholesale shops these days.

Curtains, Rugs & Bed covers

Plain cloth curtains have become a thing of the past with the arrival of designer homes. Designer curtains, furnishings, rugs and bedcovers are the new niche when it comes to home furnishing due to the elegance and style they bring to the houses along with them. Wholesale shops also sell bath linens and quilts in sizeable numbers.


No matter the material, sculptures that shout out their craftsmanship are always enjoyed by art lovers and others alike. Bronze sculptures have made their way into history way back during the Indus Valley civilization and other type of sculptures carve from sandal wood, teak wood, rosewood, marbles, etc are often used to exhibit the wholesaler’s skill and art at handicraft shops. Nataraja statues, elephants and idols make up the lion share of traditional sculptures.


One of the oldest crafts, pottery is widely used in households, home decor and places of worship. ‘Kumhaars’, as the pottery artisans are known, sell their products ranging from clay pots, bowls, vases, etc in bulk amount to wholesalers. Colorfully designed pottery crafts are a feast for the eyes and usually find a place in gift boxes. The well acclaimed Terracotta sculptures, utensils, mugs, potpourri holders and jewelry are some of the most popular pottery crafts out there. These are some of the items that you would stumble upon if you happen to visit a wholesale shop in India. While there are many other handicraft products like precious metal and stone crafts made on order, these are some of the best selling items that always find their buyers in queues.

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