Gift Exporters From India 2017

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) was established under Companies Act in the year 1986-87 and is a non-profit organisation, with an object to promote, support, protect, maintain and increase the export of handicrafts. it is an apex body of handicrafts exporters for promotion of exports of Handicrafts from country and projected India’s image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality of handicrafts goods & services and ensured various measures keeping in view of of observance of international standards and specification. The Council has created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, which are availed both by the members exporters and importers.epch-21st-award

Brass Handicrafts:  Brassware is famous due to the durability of brassware. Made of bronze, such as creeping Krishna or Lord Ganesh idols of different currencies, vases, table tapes, hole lamps, jewelry boxes, hookahs, toys, wine glasses, plates, fruit trees and many things are used in Indian homes. These artisans are known as Kansari. Bronze utensils are mostly made in Rajasthan.handicraft-products-epch-in

Clay handicrafts: Since the origin of the Indus Valley Civilization, pottery is the oldest form of handicrafts in India. People attached to this work are called potter. In addition to its world-renowned terracotta form, clay handicrafts have a form of red pot, gray utensils and black utensils. Uttar Pradesh is known for its black paint utensils. In addition to Krishnanagar of West Bengal, pottery is made in Bikaner, Lucknow, Pune and Himachal Pradesh. Pottery, decorative items, ornaments etc. are widely used throughout the country.epch1235

Bell metal handicrafts: Metal is the oldest form of handicrafts and is known for its traditional simplicity. This tribal handicraft was born in Madhya Pradesh. These handicrafts include states like West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. Metal is known for his unique stuff performing a folk character. All handicraft stores have metal jewelry, candle stand, pan stand, ash tray and many types of decorative items.home-product-by-epch-in

Jute handicrafts: Jute craftsmen have made their special place in jute handicrafts all over the world. The wide range of jute crafts includes bags, office stationery, chuniyina and other ornaments, footwear, wall hangings and many accessories. West Bengal, Assam and Bihar are the largest jute producers and the leader of the Jute Handicrafts Market in India.epch

Paper handicrafts: A lot of crafts, such as kites, masks, ornamental flowers, lamp shades, puppets, hand fans, etc. are combined with saffronic paper. Kutti, which was developed in the Mughal period, is famous for paper handicrafts in India. This craft industry is mainly located in Delhi, Rajgir, Patna, Gaya, Awadh, Ahmedabad and Allahabad. Apart from this, the craftsmen of the paper are in almost every city.

Rock Handicraft: The oldest form of rock art is the Rak carving that can be seen in Rajasthan, Jaipur, Adisha and Nagpur. Rajasthan, Jaipur and Madhya Pradesh are famous for carving of marble. The specialty of Madhya Pradesh is the art of green stones, while the stone rocks have a unique rock craft. The ancient temple of Odisha is a world-famous example of India’s rock craft. Many utensils, decorative items, stone jewelery and sculptures are made from racks.epch-thematic-pavilion

Shell Handicrafts: Shell has been demanding handicrafts in India since ancient times. Shell handicrafts are made of three types of shells such as conch shells, turtle shells and sea shells. Many things like bangles, forks, decorative bowls, lacquets, spoons, buttons, curtains, sandaliers, mirror frames, table mats etc. are similar to Shell handicrafts. Usually places on the coastal areas such as the Gulf of Mannar, Goa, Odisha etc. are places of shell handicrafts.home decoration

Silver handicrafts: The finer work of silver or the Tarakashi gold or silver wires is a creative work of handicrafts. The finer work of silver is of three types: enamel, open mesh and flowers and leaves. Its most famous works include pattanan, tea tray, tranquil bax, earrings, necklace, bracelet and other types of jewelry. Apart from Cuttack of Odisha, Karimnagar of Telangana is also famous for this handicrafts.handicraft-products-5

Embroidered handicrafts: Two sets of threads are said to weave knit garments from weaving and weaving. This traditional form of handicrafts is found especially in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Weaving of famous weaving is built in Jamnagar and Rajkot. Bihar and Karnataka are known for their embroidery work.handicraft-products1

Wood Handicraft: Wood Handicrafts was prevalent in India long before the stone statues came into existence. Various goods were made by shaping wooden pieces by skilled craftsmen. Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh are known for their unique timber work. Some common wooden crafts such as ax, toys, utensils, decorative items, ornaments and many decorative household items such as lamp shade, candle stand, vermilion box, jewelry box, bangle holder etc. are used in almost every Indian house. .kitchenware1


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