Indian Trade Show 2017

Five Chief Attractions of Asia’s Largest Handicraft Fair

The Indian handicrafts represent India’s belief in unity amidst diversities. This beautiful country organizes Asia’slargest handicraft fair. The handicraft fair brings a variety of innovations in front of the global customers.delhi-fair (1)

The Indian handicrafts exporters collect these unique creations from different corners of this magnificent country. The unique design and details of every handicraft item attests to the artisanship and skills of Indian craftsmen.



The three-dimensional Bubblegram craft originated in Asia and flourished on the hands of Indian artists. The crafted image contains multiple points. It hangs in the middle of a medium. The craftsmen use special laser machines to create submerged ‘etchings’ on plastic/glass blocks. They use ‘conically-focused’ laser beams to form 0.1-mm fractures within the blocks. The craftsmen from Kolkata and Mumbai use Bubblegram to recreate a variety of images on the blocks.




The European artists envisioned the possibility of creating decorative glass items with dyes or etching. This particular craftsmanship reached India through the collaboration of East India Company with China. The Indian artists use glass-craft to create exclusive lampshades, wall-fixtures or jewelries. They create prepossessing designs with colors, etching or grooving. The artists also use glass beads and stones to create colorful glass ornaments. The delightful ceramic items are another example of stunning glass craft in India.



India is known for its metal craft. The origin of this craft dates back to around 3000 B.C. The skilled craftsmen of India use metal craft to create exquisite jewelry & accessories. The artists from Kashmir are known for their admirable work on iron and brass items. The artists of Karnataka are known for the uniqueness of Bidri with colorful inlays. The artists of Rajasthan and Kerala practice Koftgari/damascening. The artists use a variety of metals to inlay on one another. They create intricate designs with this technique. The artists of West Bengal and Orissa create marvelous decorative items with Dhokra craft. The artists of Himachal Pradesh are famous for enameled metal work.


The Indian craftsmen are the epitome of leather handicraft items due to the fineness of their work. The artists of West Bengal and Rajasthan are famous for decorated leather bags. The artists of Bikaner are famous for ‘Kopi’. They use camel’s hide to make this distinctive leather bottle. The craftsmen from Rajasthan also create artistic leather lamps and lampshades. The skilled artists of Kashmir are known for unique ornamented leather products. The craftsmen from Madhya Pradesh embroider mesmerizing designs on red-leather items. The exporters of Indian handicraft bring these unique items to the largest handicraft fair of Asia.



India is also famous for its handicraft items made of bone or horn. The Indian artists consider K. V. Appa Rao to be the father of Indian horn-craft. The Indian artists use the horns of cow/buffalo, stag’s antlers and tusks as the medium. The artists of Cuttack use filigree work to create decorative jewelries out of horns. The artists from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka use horns to create deities, decorative items and walking sticks. The Asia’s largest handicraft fair exhibits the creations of gifted craftsmen from every part of India.


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