Handicraft fair 2020 : EPCH

Indian Manufacturers of Gifts Creating Winsome Artifacts with Different Crafting Techniques to Handicraft fair 2020 :

The Delhi Fair India 2020 gives the Indian manufacturers of gifts an opportunity to present their outstanding work in front of global customers. It witnesses the presence of thousands of national and international buyers. It is a gainful opportunity for the makers of exclusive handicraft products. They receive deserved laudation for their outstanding creations and make acquaintance with global customers. They may use these contacts to increase their clientele beyond the national boundaries. The buyers also receive a variety of handcrafted items from single location. The gift fairs present gainful scenarios to both buyers and manufacturers.20664122_1403428169735213_580031827196072273_n

Handcrafted Clay Products

The Indian craftsmen use different techniques to create a variety of clay handicraft products. The potters of Manipur use a coil instead of a wheel. They use Longpi coiled technique to create stationery and utilitarian products such as bathroom accessories. They decorate these charming products with vibrant colours. The craftsmen of Haryana, Kutch, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal are famous for unique terracotta techniques.


The potters of Gorakhpur use terracotta in order to create animal figures with appliqué ornamentation. The potters from West Bengal create exquisite terracotta panels with folk or epic themes. They also use terracotta to create human figurines, animal statues and figures of deities. The potters of Kutch dry the clay-artefacts in bright sunlight and color them after baking. The tribal craftsmen of Thanagarh use terracotta to create colorful gift items. The craftsmen from Delhi also create colorful figurines and decorative items with terracotta. The potters of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are famous for glazed ceramic items.


Handcrafted Shell Products

The craftsmen from India’s coastal area are famous for artistic creations with conches or shells. The craftsmen of Odisha and West Bengal make beautiful etched designs on shell horns. The craftsmen from India’s coastal area use conch shells to create ornaments, utensils, decorative items and musical instruments. The craftsmen from Visakhapatnam are famous for their unique creations with Tortoise shell. The skilled artisans can use the tortoise shell to create sheds for lamps and lighting stands. They also create cutleries, jewelleries, buttons and decorative items out of tortoise shells. The artisans of Goa and Kutch area are famous for mirror-frames, photo-frames, chandeliers, wall-hangings and other decorative items made of shells. The screens made of shells can enhance the décor of any room.


Handcrafted Bell Metal Products

The bell metal is the alloy of copper and tin. The Indian craftsmen use this durable alloy to create a variety of gifts & decorative items. The Assam’s Kahar/Orja craftsmen have special tools to create unique bell-metal products. The craftsmen of Kerala use bell metal to create a unique cooking vessel known as Urlis. They also use this alloy to create jewel boxes, pen-boxes, containers and a variety of utilitarian products. The craftsmen from Odisha, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh use bell-metal to create Dhokra artefacts with tribal charm.


Handcrafted Papier-mâché

The Indian manufacturers of gifts use the painstaking technique of Papier-mâché to create fashionable decorative items. The papier-mâché is used to create lamp holders, animal figures, boxes, masks, wall-hangings, photo-frames, Christmas & festive decorproducts. The craftsmen use bright colors to highlight the background and use lighter shades to design the articles.52914579_2037894309621926_5020167279774531584_n

The Indian handicrafts exporters bring these exclusive gift items to Delhi fair.

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