Indian Manufacturer of Handicrafts

Exclusive Handicraft Items from North Indian Manufacturers of Housewares

Metal is the building material for many Indian houseware products. The Indian manufacturers of housewares decorate these items with their novel ideas and craftsmanship. The metal art has been a part of India’s culture since the ancient times. It has evolved on the hands of craftsmen from different parts of India and it represents a variety of signature styles. The Indian handicrafts exporters bring a variety of metal items to the housewares fairs. The artisans use bronze alloy to create artistic masks and beautiful decorative items. They use metal sheets to create water vessels, plates and tabletops. The metal craftwork is practiced in every part of India and every state offers unique designs. The artists of North India are known for engraving, filigree and Dhokra works.


Jammu &Kashmir’s Artisanship

The artisans of heavenly Kashmir have the reputation of creating equally beautiful metal houseware. The engraved or enameled products have glorified the collection of Indian houseware. The artists of Jammu & Kashmir are known for the creation of decorative houseware items such as tea-sets, scent chests, samovars, vases, lamps and lightingproducts. These artists take inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna. The leaves and flowers of Chinar, Lilac and Lotus along with the local birds dominate the designing panel. The artisans use silver and copper to create decorative housewares. They also use copper to build cooking pots. The exclusive enameled silverwares are the most popular handicraft items from Kashmir.

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Uttar Pradesh’s Artisanship

The artisans of this state are known for the creation of exclusive designs on the metal housewares. These craftsmen create a variety of decorative and utilitarian items on the brass. They have modernized their creations with the addition of foreign designs to their traditional motifs. They have created sophisticated decorative housewares using Swedish designs. They use burnished copper or polished brass as base materials to suit the needs of modern buyers. The artisans use detailed etching to design the trays, pots, bowls and decorative products. They use brass, copper or white metal to create lovely housewares and figurines. This state is famous for jali work on metal houseware. They use niello for engraving and colorful enameling. The Mirzapur and Varanasi are famous for exquisite brass items.

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Jharkhand’s Artisanship

The unification of native designs with modern styles adds uniqueness to Jharkhand’s housewares. The list of Jharkhand’s housewares includes utilitarian as well as decorative products. The Jharkhand’s craftsmen used to create agricultural and hunting equipment out of metals. The Malhar and Tentri communities are now famous for the making of iron housewares. Their designs possess the subtlety of ethnic designs or earthiness of tribal artwork. The novelty of Jharkhand’s artisans was unknown to the buyers’ due to lack of popularization. The Indian housewares fair brings these ethnic products in front of the global customers.

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Chhattisgarh’s Artisanship

The graceful and exquisite creations of Chhattisgarh’s artisans have earned popularity all over the world. This state is famous for the making of brass and bronze models with long hands. The tribal craftsmen use these decorative housewares to display the routine work of their lives. The Ghadwa community and artisans of Bastar create exquisite vessels and decorative items from bell-metal. The uniqueness of Dhokra items is praised all over the world.

The Indian manufacturers of housewares will bring these exclusive handicraft items on Delhi Fair India 2017.


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