Indian suppliers of handicrafts : EPCH

Witness the Excellence of Lacquered Gift items through Indian wholesalers of gifts

Skilled, innovative and gifted craftsmen from different Indian regions are known to create magnificent artefacts using the metal, glass, wood, earth, shell and several other items. The bring life into these objects with detailed and stunning craftsmanship.


The lac has been a part of Indian craftwork since the early days of Indian civilization and many Indian manufacturers of gifts use this resinous substance to create attractive gifting items. The Indian artisans use the lac not only to create tabletop or hanging decorative items. They even use this substance to ornate the wooden furniture with mirror/stone studded designs. The lac embellishment can add dynamism to any product and they are available through Indian wholesalers of gifts. The wholesalers bring different types of lac handicraft products from different Indian regions to the global customers through the autumn fair in India.24899789_1502888309789198_6904292342406422066_n

Eastern Indian Lac Craft

The lac craft of Eastern India carries distinctive artisanship of artists from Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand. The tribal communities of these states manufacture beautiful lac combs. These combs can be used for both decoration and ornamentation. The stick lac is designed in Sambalpur and the Orissa’s Koraput district is famous for the artefacts made with jungle lac. The uniqueness of designs and coloring schemes increase the appeal of these gift items. The artists of Koraput design various bamboo products with the papier-mâché and bright-colored folk motifs of animals, flowers or birds using jungle lac. The Indian wholesalers of handicrafts bring these unique gift items to various Indian trade fairs.24796497_1503911906353505_5549984324823688294_n

Western India Lac Craft

The Indian handicrafts manufacturers of Western India are famous for lively and decorative lac products. The Panch Mahal district of Gujarat is famous for stone studded flamboyant lac bracelets. The Ahmedabad and Surat are also famous for lacquered wooden boxes, toys or jewelries. The women of Rajasthan wear the lac bangles on auspicious occasions. The intriguing lac bangles of Rajasthan are studded with stones, gemstones, glass-chatons or beads.24785324_1503050249773004_627139958068855116_o

Southern India Lac Craft

The craftsmen of Berar district are not only capable of making beautiful lac ornaments. They are also famous for decorative Rajputana boxes with dull hues having geometric or floral motifs of two bright tints arranged in alternate fashion. The lacquered items of Mysore have vibrant motifs against the transparent green background on a tinfoil. The Chennapatna of Karnataka is famous for beautiful lacquered toys, artefacts and stationeries.


The Indian suppliers of handicrafts bring these lacquered gift items from different regions of Southern India to various trade fairs or handicraft fairs in India.




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