Fair in India 2018: EPCH

Exclusive Handcrafted Products at Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair 201826904277_1543393509072011_9103603845497698162_n


Indian handicrafts exporters convey superbly handmade spiritual, decorative and utilitarian objects to the Indian handicrafts and gifts fair. They bring those gadgets for the collectors of one-of-a-kind handicraft merchandise. Heaps of consumers’ throng to the gift fairs from all over the world. The present-gala constitute India’s tradition via handmade items. The handicraft exporters come from exclusive corners of Indian. it is feasible for them to carry the precise creations from distinct Indian regions under one roof with the assist of gift truthful. The shoppers can find an expansion of presents & ornamental gadgets underneath one roof thru these galas.26733969_1543394282405267_2488844730270890178_n


Spiritual gift objects


The India represents the spirit of ‘team spirit in diversity’ thru the harmonious coexistence of different religions. The devotees worship idols as a vital a part of their spiritual customs. The manufacturers of Indian handicraft merchandise use their capabilities to craft spiritual idols out of numerous substances. The artisans of Rajasthan craft stunning idols of Hindu deities and different spiritual merchandise out of brass, silver or bell metal. a number of those spiritual items function Meenakari designing of different colorations. The artisans of South India are acknowledged for their extraordinary paintings on spiritual idols product of sandalwood or rosewood. The craftsmen of West Bengal and Odisha are well-known for Terracotta idols. they may be additionally famous for fantastically handmade spiritual lamps and utensils out of copper or silver.26992232_1543393512405344_5588071511103220161_n


Utilitarian presents

The consumers may pick out the handcrafted metal/stone/clay utilitarian merchandise as the exceptional gift gadgets. The Moradabad is famous for engraved brassware. they’re famous for the making of lovely utensils and small boxes out of brass. The craftsmen of Kerala are famous for ‘Charakku’ vessels. They invent these huge cauldrons out of bell metal. The craftsmen from Odisha and West Bengal are famous for his or her Terracotta pots and packing containers. The craftsmen of Rajasthan are acknowledged all around the world for glazed Blue Pottery. They use this approach to create cups, plates, bowls, pots and different utilitarian products. The craftsmen of Rajasthan also use marble stones to create diverse utilitarian products. The artisans of Madhya Pradesh use the smooth inexperienced stones to build boxes and trays. The Indian craftsmen also carve stationery and utilitarian merchandise out of granite and soapstone.26903976_1543394215738607_8828255707104312742_n


The present fairs provide a selection of stylish fabric providing distinctive embroidery, printing and weaving. The clothing materials from Gujarat characteristic either Banni or Heer Bharat embroidery. The craftsmen from Rajasthan use Gota embroidery to design colourful apparel materials. The artisans of west Bengal use Kantha sew to beautify the apparel materials. The craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh are well-known for Zardozi and Chikan stitching styles. The craftsmen from different elements of India additionally enhance handcraftedleather baggage with embroidery or embroidered patches. The craftsmen of Rajasthan are famous for the advent of decorated Mojaries/sandals. the hand made jute bags are unique gift items.24296461_1502888569789172_6167186510179078465_n




The brass lamps and lights merchandise from Rajasthan and Moradabad are extremely good gift gadgets for any event. The customers can also adore the Kashmiri carpets & rugs in the Indian Handicrafts and Gifts honest. Those distinct floor-covers function super designs of Kashidakari embroidery. The garden decorative items are fabricated from marble, limestone, granite and greenstone. These decorative products are assured to amaze the buyers.



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