Jewelry Fair in India: EPCH

Trade Fairs Increasing the Importance of Fashion Jewelry Accessories in Global Market28168575_1578587382219290_6615856682301746095_n

Fashion accessories add color and style to an individual’s appearance. A piece of beautiful trinket, such as a stone-studded waistband or broach, can add dynamism to a pale/dull dress. Handcrafted jewelries can also add uniqueness to an individual’s appearance. These stunning accessories are available through EPCH hosted jewelry fair in India. 27867893_1574390175972344_2960700073151448302_n

The Indian handicrafts exporters know the importance of fashion jewelry accessories. They bring a diversified collection of ornaments from different Indian states to these fairs. The global customers can learn about the diversified looks of Indian handicrafts when attending these fairs. It increases the demand of Indian fashion trinkets in the global market



The skilled craftsmen of India are famous for stunning platinum/gold ornaments studded with precious stones or gemstones. However, these traditionally designed trinkets are suitable for special occasions. It is not possible to wear the heavy ornaments daily. The ingenious craftsmen of India are aware of this fact and they manufacture lightweight fashion charms.28167316_1581612275250134_5982191667620298774_n

The Indian artisans make lightweight gold and gold-plated ornaments in artistic designs or trendy motifs. The silver trinkets feature either tribal designs or the traditional nature-inspired motifs. Many Indian craftsmen even use jute strings or bamboo strands to make trendy fashion jewelries’. The lac is used to design traditional/contemporary lightweight ornaments. Many craftsmen in India design exclusive fashion jewelries using the beads, conch or pearls. Fashionable trinkets are lightweight in comparison to the traditional heavy jewelries’. They cause no discomfort and are ideal for everyday use. The accessories exporters from India bring exclusive fashion jewelries from different corners of India to autumn fair.27972124_1570564539688241_6319711600206974805_n


The fashion jewelries are not only lighter in weight. They are also economic versions of the traditional Indian jewelries. The craftsmen use alternate materials to manufacture economic trinkets featuring exclusive designs. They may use gold-plating in place of gold. They may use white gold to mimic the finish of platinum. The rhinestones/crystals take the place of precious diamonds. The machine-cut gold is used to make lightweight gold ornaments. The cultured pearl makes up for the dearth of natural pearls. The use of resin and beads also lowers the price of fashion trinkets, as they replace the precious gemstones, thus women can easily buy several of the items.29214987_1600032190074809_1314475496855044096_n The EPCH presents the fashion jewelry & accessories of India in front of global customers through the trade fairs. This endeavor increased the importance of fashion jewelry accessories around the world along with the economic cost of these beautiful ornaments.



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