Accessories exporters from India

Unique Indian Clay Craft Amazes Visitors in Home Expo Fair 2018


Clay craft remains a part of India’s art and culture since the earliest days of civilization. The Indian artisans still maintain the traditional techniques or artistic forms when manufacturing the clay handicraft items. However, many modern artisans like to mix contemporary designs with traditional patterns to create a fusion style and offer something unique to the connoisseurs. The home expo fair 2018 is supposed to bring both traditional and contemporary clay artefacts to the buyers. It is the biggest Indian handicrafts buyer seller meet that happens every year in Delhi. The West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the biggest suppliers of clay artefacts.


Art Forms of West Bengal & Odisha

The craftsmen from Bankura and Krishna Nagar of West Bengal are famous for clay pots and other decorative items. However, the craftsmen of these places use different types of designing method. The artisans of Bankura make red-colored terracotta artefacts. On the other hand, the craftsmen of Krishna Nagar create colorfully painted toys, figurines, dolls and panels. The men and women both participate in this manufacturing process. They use pressing or molding techniques when creating these articles. The artisans of Odisha are also famous for terracotta figurines, pots and other furnishing items. The tribal community of Odisha use a special type of clay to manufacture the artefacts that express a rustic charm. The accessories exporters from India bring all these exclusive home furnishings to expo fairs.


Art Forms of Jharkhand & Madhya Pradesh

The deft artisans of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh manufacture a variety of clay artefacts featuring the tribal lifestyle, tribal figures or animals in the surrounding area. The artisans of Jharkhand manufacture utilitarian items, such as pots, pitchers and cutleries, along with some unique clay masks mimicking the appearance of tribal people. The terracotta figures from Jharkhand feature vibrant colors and glossy finish. The artisans of Madhya Pradesh are famous for red and black terracotta figures of animals, birds and local tribes. The handmade clay toys are manufactured as both solid figures or with hollow cores. The tribal artisans use wheels along with pressing/molding methods to create these artefacts. The Indian handicrafts exporters bring these distinctive artefacts to Indian housewares fair.


Art Forms of Tamil Nadu

This South Indian state is famous for clay-craft along with the woodcraft. The artisans of Vellore manufacture red and black colored earthenware with artistic designs. The artists of Karigiri use semi-vitreous china clay to manufacture beautiful artefacts with realistic looks.31357810_1640813839329977_8642154999113056256_n

These artisans also manufacture realistic comical toys and figures using vivid and glossy colors. These exclusive articles may become the main attraction of home expo fair 2018.



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