Indian wholesellers of houseware

Stone Made Handicrafts Accessories from Three Different Parts of India31389067_1641650545912973_2107379751650852864_n

Stonework is used in India for decades to manufacture a variety of handicrafts accessories. The stone can withstand the adverse effects of humidity and water better than other materials. Hence, the artisans use this artwork to manufacture unique bathroom accessories or decorative garden accessories along with other furnishing items. There are a variety of stones available in different parts of India. The design of these accessories depends upon the stone’s type and the method of decoration. The craftsmen from different parts of India use different techniques. They use chisels, hammers or abrasive materials to carve shapes onto the stones or to decorate the stony articles.31357624_1641650539246307_4370815782792200192_n

Western India

In western India, Rajasthan is famous for magnificent artefacts made of marble stone. The artistic carvings on the marble wall of Rajput temples show the exquisiteness of Rajasthan’s stonework. The artisans of Rajasthan also design beautiful accessories out of the marble slabs. They decorate the body of these articles with engraved designs of flower, leaves, birds, animal or human figures. Sometimes, the artisans use colorful stones to decorate the artefacts. The latticework is also used to decorate the artefacts of Rajasthan. The Indian handicrafts exporters bring these exquisite accessories to the Indian housewares fair. EPCH conducts this fair every year and it witnesses a footfall of thousands of visitors.31357810_1640813839329977_8642154999113056256_n

Central India

In Central India, the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh make the majority of the artefacts. The artisans of Madhya Pradesh use soapstone to create idols or other articles. They use either a two-dimensional relief work known as Tatiya Saaj or a three-dimensional relief work known as Akshang. The soapstone remains undamaged in humid weather. Hence, the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh use soapstone to manufacture unique garden decorative items. The craftsmen of Balaghat create distinctive decorative items using the green-stone. The tribal and local artisans of Bastar region in Chhattisgarh use pink-and-white colored Sudapaal stones to manufacture beautiful figures of wild animals or decorative utensils. The stone artefacts from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh both exhibit the simplicity of tribal lifestyle and the flora/fauna of local areas.31354775_1640814249329936_8568921554698633216_n

Eastern India

The accessories exporters from India bring a variety of handicrafts accessories from Odisha, Bihar and West Bengal to the handicrafts buyer seller meet. The adept artisans of Bihar carve beautiful figurines of Buddha and Lord Ganesha along with the wild animals or tribal people. The craftsmen of Odisha use sandstone, soapstone, Kochila stone, Nilgiri stone, soft-stone and serpentine stone to create a variety of decorative items. The craftsmen of West Bengal use red-stones to create figurines, carved panels/plaques or utensils.




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