Handicrafts Products: EPCH

Gift Shows Promote the Ancient Treasure of Indian Handicrafts

India, from its very ancient (Vedic) times has been known for its handicraft skills. Subsequently, 31957776_1651205101624184_3909938514594103296_nIndian manufacturers of handicrafts has been one of the most popular cottage industry of all times, and Indian trade fair provides the right platform to promote this art. Soon Indian manufacturers of gifts captured the market, and the demand for handcrafted items has tremendously increased.

With the advent of gifts show from IHGF international fair, has opened doors to foreign customers and thus the Indian handicrafts industry has become popular on the globe. Trade show India like AMBIENTE INDIA 2018 AT PRAGATI MAIDAN, NEW DELHI (27 – 29 JUNE 2018) became a doorway to cultural India, which displays the best of the home textiles products India, brass handicrafts products, and bamboo handicrafts products.31337820_1641675869243774_3477640822072016896_n

Now, that the export and import of Indian handicrafts manufacturers were well established, the next factor was “cost”. Since handicrafts are highly labor intensive, outsourcing was not useful, and hence more artisans started vesting their interest into it. After the “market” and “cost” being managed, came the “handicraft gift items.”. Indian craftsmanship began to reflect in paper products, religious products, toys and dolls, home products and Antiques, nautical products, garments, garden accessories, furniture, paintings, decorative items, table accessories, Antique Armory, Home Furnishing, Jewelry and many other useful products like home textiles products India. Today, Indian vendors of handicrafts is one of the most successful trade in India and on the globe.31357624_1641650539246307_4370815782792200192_n

 The Indian manufacturers of housewares are creating magnificent artistry on serving or cooking utensils for thousands of years. The ancient artwork continues to be carved on modern earthen or copper pots. The intricately designed silver utensils and cutlery symbolize aristocracy. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel products are known for their versatility and durability. It was not possible for the Indian homeowners to avail these housewares under one roof, until the handicrafts gift fair of India bought forth an effective solution to this problem. 31357914_1641675915910436_6873384675167961088_n

Products like brass handicrafts products, bamboo handicrafts products that are designed by craft manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, Indian manufacturers of gifts handicraft items are, wooden handicraft, animal handicraft, bar accessories, baskets, bath accessories, candle stand, door knob, figures, fire sets, etc. In Rajasthan, it includes beautiful paintings, exclusive designer jewelry, gemstone sculptures, and different types of stone handicraft, wooden handicraft, lamp shades, ornamental dagger, terracotta candle, cloth painting, embroidery painting, marble painting and many more.31947233_1651204974957530_4110200616129658880_n


Come, visit the IHGF DELHI FAIR – AUTUMN (14 – 18 OCTOBER 2018) to experience the true Indian craftsmanship.


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