Indian manufacturers of handicrafts

Bamboo Handicrafts Products (IFGF Delhi Fair, 2018)-History, Uses and Product Profile:History37944228_1752968851447808_4113519294409605120_n

Since thousands of years bamboo is used around the world, it has 1600 documented traditional uses. Bamboo is a sturdy natural product from which many unique and appealing decorating items can be created for both office and home.37748176_1748156961928997_8698847304699871232_n

Bamboo is multi-purpose and extensively used in our life. Bamboo plant quickly develops with most species maturing in 3 to5 years, and a few species maturing within a year. It is, therefore, a low-cost substance that is strong and durable and can be used for just about anything from house building to purposeful and decorative objects such as bamboo pots.37732938_1747990041945689_6750101839414296576_n


Bamboo is highly ductile and it can thus bend into round and curved shapes without breaking. It can also be forced into many shapes when it is growing, for example, growing young shoots through a square tube or curling it into a corkscrew shape, like ‘lucky bamboo’.37725442_1747989851945708_4841731385993461760_n

Bamboo is an exceptionally durable and hardy plant and so it is used for constructing dwellings, furniture, scaffolding, flooring, roofing and many other bamboo projects. Well, a few artifacts in daily use that are crafted from this material are; chairs, stools, bamboo rice steamer, fountains, hats, baskets, mats, and pots, eating utensils, beds, cups, bowls, fishing traps and, carts, musical instruments such as flutes, and toys.37689829_1747989695279057_1560055559267287040_n


A room’s appearance can be easily changed with tabletop or floor accessories. The environmental cane and bamboo handicrafts from Assam, Meghalaya or Arunachal Pradesh can bring a tribal feel to the décor.37683933_1747989721945721_1390784966782091264_n

Bamboo and Cane handicrafts is among the oldest crafts known to humans. India being a rich source of a variety of bamboo plants is the home to multiple handcrafts. For instance, bamboo basket is a decorated travel basket. You can pack items for gifting in this basket and beautifully cover it with cellophane paper and ribbons. Bigger bamboo baskets are used for storing clothes. Being light in weight, yet strong, they make a good storage basket at home or office. You can also keep valuable items in this basket. 37520351_1738795609531799_5398360015138455552_n

Bamboo fans is another great decorative item for gifting. You can place it on wall or use it like a hand fan. Carving work on bamboo is another beautiful handicraft items for gifting or decorating. The utilitarian features of bamboo helps to manufacture several items like boxes, teapots, hand bags, chairs and baskets. But that’s not all, sturdy and light-weight furniture or cane furniture as it is popularly referred to is also the work of art.37411820_1738796399531720_2878920358080020480_n

Another interesting and colorful bamboo handicrafts products is the leaf-headgear for tea garden workers. This umbrella has handles made from bamboo and the top cover is made from natural cloth with designs of plants, leaves, and creepers are etched on them.37378021_1738618319549528_556538400472039424_nExport Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) is showcasing different types of bamboo use and items created by the Indian manufacturers of handicrafts. This event will host 10,000 handicraft exports and 2900 exhibitors from India. This trade show India will be an exceptional event to look out for.


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