Indian vendors of handicrafts

Directory of Indian Exporters and Importers30707441_1634948633249831_2276962880316243968_n

Are you looking for Indian vendors of handicrafts product? Then we Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) introduce ourselves as a non-profit organization. Our motto is to support, promote, protect, maintain and increase the Indian manufacturers of handicrafts. We are one of the top council for Handicrafts products promotion & export in India. The council offers infrastructure for promotion of local handicrafts products to local and international markets.a1dd1-28377482_1581611915250170_6720018791357721159_n

The council is headed by executive directors and a professional management team. While eminent exporters and professionals have laid down the foundation of the Committee of Administration. EPCH has an unusual reputation of being the perfect organization that is self-operating; where all the promotional operations are self-financed. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We continue to work on excellence and the objective of acquiring the hallmark of worth assurance by extending outstanding workshop to all the members and stakeholder.delhi-fair (1)


For promoting Indian wholesalers of handicraft export, EPCH constantly provides useful information and assistance to our members. The council also offers service and advice to the members in areas of technology upgrade, product development, quality and design improvement.  Arranging delegation visits for its participant in International Trade Fairs of handicraft & gifts and helping trade show India look for opportunities to discover overseas market.18157128_1301799109898120_5187711699029908937_n

Aggressive plan for development & promotion in Northeastern crafts

The association had accomplished an ambitious international marketing project for the entire northeastern region to improve the commercial status of the North-Eastern Region through bamboo handicrafts products, Indian furnishings home textiles and wooden handicrafts exporters. The council has taken an initiative towards the development of Indian wholesalers of handicrafts by exhibiting the merchandise in theme galleries or exhibitions. Subsequently, Indian exporters and importers of handicrafts products from North East Region has tremendously increased.20375777_1389111187833578_1066494478974532272_n

Photo & picture framing technology at Saharanpur and Jodhpur

Photo framing technology is the EPCH’s special infrastructural project. It supports technology upgrade for handicrafts. To upgrade the quality of wooden handicrafts products, EPCH has imported machines as per international requirements. The utility centers are in Saharanpur and Jodhpur.20264812_1389111284500235_2909066707424919885_n

Tech- upgradation forming center at Saharanpur

The facility at Saharanpur is equipped with Technology Up-gradation, Design Studio and installation of Carpentry School and Training & Marketing and Seasoning Plant. Other comprehensive scheme is added to provide overall facilities to the wood carving industry in Saharanpur.20245561_1389111094500254_9036222556278742489_n

Establishment of International Lace trade center

The center is constructed in sprawling 5 acres land and equipped with necessary marketing infrastructure. There is also a connection between Indian handicrafts suppliers, handicraft exports and international market towards promoting growth to the cluster and its primary stack holders.  30726437_1631267673617927_5285224061096427520_n

Formation of Moradabad resource center

The council has created centralized facilities at Moradabad to circulate business development. Besides its marketing/publicity and world market trends is enhancing the development. 20157434_1385989211479109_105467703065704015_o

Setting up Handicrafts productivity center at Jaipur

EPCH has established a center in Jaipur with the view of giving benefit to artisans and exporters of the State of Rajasthan. The project is mainly for quality improvement, skill development, training and testing laboratory to obtain value-added services to the Handicrafts exporters based in Rajasthan.


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