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Top Handicrafts Exporters from India

Production of handcrafted items and its export has contributed largely to the economy of India for decades. Handicrafts are not only seen as a form of business in the country, but it is also considered an art. This is the main reason for the demand of Indian handicraft items in global market as anything approached as an art becomes more beautiful and worthy.44096793_1860770597334299_8757833921686667264_n (1)

Handicraft items are made in many parts of India and it has provided food and shelter for many families in both urban and rural areas. Anyone who has the knack of crafting item with hands may start producing handicraft items and it does not require huge investments. This is a prominent reason for the Government of India to encourage Handicrafts manufacturers and provide them with all the necessary sources to successfully showcase their works on national as well as global markets.44081453_1859545090790183_195967353282887680_n

Some of the best handicrafts produced in India are hand printed textiles, pashmina shawls, wooden handicrafts, terracotta, silver artworks, imitation jewellery, miniature rock sculptures, paper crafts, pottery, jute handicrafts, and embroidery handicrafts. And the list of Indian handicraft exporters who successfully take Indian handicrafts to the global market include:

Indian Handicraft

Indian Handicraft is one of the leading handicraft exporters from India. The company excels in producing kitchenware out of metal and wood, decorative items made of brass, aluminium, iron, and wood, outdoor accessories, and garden tools. They export goods to Europe, USA, and Middle East Countries.44081436_1860734104004615_7818421048159764480_n

Indian Crafts

Indian Crafts is a handicraft manufacturing and exporting company based in Jaipur. The company has highly skilful workers who are masters in creating handicrafts out of wood, metal, paper, glass, marble, etc. Indian Crafts is known for their statues of gods, animals, birds, and several other marble handicrafts.44062462_1859544767456882_5338646616670732288_n

The Handicraft & Handlooms Exports Corporation of India Ltd

The HHEC is a company that operates under the Government of India. To be precise it comes under the Government of India Ministry of Textile. It hosts a wide variety of Indian handlooms, handicrafts, gifts & decorative and wrought iron handicrafts. It contributes largely to the export of Indian Handicrafts.

Asian Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd

Asian Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. is a government recognised private company that has been in the field of manufacturing and exporting handicrafts for nearly four decades. The company is famous for its handcrafted items with beads and also specializes in gifts & decorative and fashion jewellery and accessories.

Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts43425640_903950479798188_4664393788364423168_o

The Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts (EPCH) is a non-profit organization which was established in 1986 in order to support and promote the export of Indian handicrafts. Since its inception, the council has organised various events in promoting handicraft manufacturing and has also strived hard to make Indian handicrafts reach the global market. The EPCH is a boon for Indian handicraft exporters which frequently organises events and fairs in India as well as foreign countries. Its upcoming event is the IHGF Delhi Spring Fair 2019 which takes place in New Delhi from 18 to 22 February 2019.


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