Home Textile Products India

What is Home Textile and What Home Textile Products India is Famous For?48275522_1942142032530488_7460886091877318656_n

As we all know textile are woven fabric or any type of cloth that we use in our day to day life. Though these fabrics were initially invented to safeguard ourselves from the environment, its purpose began to shift as generations passed and today they are manufactured with an intention to project us presentable which has garnered huge revenue for the textile industries48272911_1942116152533076_3945548986093404160_n

Home Textile

The term home textile has been misunderstood by people that these are fabrics that can be manufactured at home. But actually, home textiles are textiles that are used for the purpose of home furnishing and decoration of our houses.47688590_1939458912798800_5808070191183036416_o

Types of Fabrics Used

The most common types of fabrics used in home furnishing are,

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Satin

These types of fabrics are made into textiles by employing techniques such as embroidery, dying, stitching, and weaving.44081436_1860734104004615_7818421048159764480_n

Indian Home Textile

The textile industry of India has a long-standing history and the country is known for its fabricating skills. The fabricating prowess of India is not only limited within the clothing sector but also extends to home textile through its meticulous home textile products. The country predominantly uses fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon, jute, rayon, and wool to produce various home textile products among which some of the top types of products are listed below.48199371_1940724332672258_4872410195654868992_n

Indian Home Textile Products

Bed Spreads

Bed spreads in India are commonly made of cotton and other blended fabrics. These blended fabrics will have cotton as its main component as it provides good comfort. Cotton-Polyester and Cotton-Rayon are some of the commonly used blends.48077711_1939393982805293_7922930010631962624_n

Pillows and Covers

India is famous for manufacturing soft and comfortable pillows and pillow covers. Most Indian pillows are made of cotton with some polyester fill. Pillow covers may sometime employ silk.


India is one among the top 10 largest wool producing countries in the world and produces some of the finest blankets. Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir are some of the best blanket manufacturers of India.48362751_1940724219338936_7023634472406876160_n

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs are basically floor coverings that are used to decorate the floor. India produces some of the finest quality of carpets and rugs using cotton, silk, and wool.

Table Cloths

In India, table cloths are usually made out of cotton and polyester blends. Indian table cloths are most popular for the embroidery designs and other art works inscribed on it.


Mats are another most seen home furnishing textile. Hand-woven mats out of wool are quite famous in India which can be used as door mats and car mats.

Kitchen Linen

Kitchen linen is nothing but fabrics that are used within the kitchen such as apron, small towels, oven mitts, and dishcloths. Kitchen linen also includes fabrics that are used to decorate the kitchen.48232942_1940723856005639_3469950893581926400_n

Bathroom Linen

Bathroom linen includes bathroom mats, bath robes, towels, and face cloth. Indian bathroom linen is mostly fabricated out of cotton, wool, and yarn.


Curtains are generally used in homes for decorative purposes and avoiding bright sunlight. Indian curtains are generally made of cotton and polyester fabrics and are known for their attractive designs.


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