Jewelry Fashion Trends Show 2021

What might actually be in Latest Jewelry Trends Delhi Fair for 2021? Jewelry Fashion Trends Show 2021
I have said for quite a long time I have a solid inclination that silver is back for an on pattern metal tone, I mean for what appears to be always the go to metal tone has been gold and I just felt like perhaps it is the ideal opportunity for Silver to have a turn once more

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I have a feeling that the time has come to shimmer so I believe that shimmering pieces will be in
I likewise feel like perhaps tropical or resort wear would be back also
Other than my inclination I don’t know but rather I trust pearls stay
So I started my style research project at Delhi Gift Fair 2021 and discovered these are the top patterns for gems in 2021

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Adornments has numerous shapes, sizes and colors, and every year new patterns are resulting in these present circumstances world. Everybody loves adornments and there are numerous inventive pieces out there. From strong adornments with the assertion, to different chains that come as one piece, to huge intense and little rings, there is something for everybody. Nonetheless, one year from now will be about the gleaming stones that could conceivably make them mend powers, since we as a whole need a profound scrub from the year 2021. Thus, on the off chance that you’d prefer to jump on the gem adornments pattern, try to realize what parts to look for.
It’s All About Silver

Indian Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Show goes virtual

In the recent years, gold gems was the greatest pattern. Be that as it may, those pieces are out, in light of the fact that for spring and summer 2021 everybody will don silver! Silver basically looks more rich, it’s more reasonable and now and again, it has better caliber. Also, it is no big surprise that everybody will be wearing it.
Nonetheless, only one out of every odd silver piece will be hot. The greater part of the silver gems patterns for the following year rotate around articulation pieces. Thus, when shopping, search for explanation accessories and arm bands; search for odd shapes and search for pieces with precious stones. Precious stone adornments on silver accessories and wristbands are cutting-edge and numerous individuals have begun wearing them. For instance, you can go for a rich silver shunpike neckband and give an extraordinary difference to your outfit with a remarkable pendant.

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Straightforward Necklaces with Big Rocks Sunnite Aquamarine Quartz Mismatched Earrings Jewelry as Clothes Layers of Chains Gems is each lethargic young lady’s closest companion with regards to pulling off an amazing outfit easily. Thus, we are here with the trendiest bits of the period for you to shake in 2021.
The Spring/Autumn style week saw the runways get edgier than at any other time with very stout chains. Fashioners commended the rapper staple hailing from the ’80’s to their fullest greatness. Also, come spring, it is simply going to get greater and bolder, plainly. We will be inviting equipment enlivened adornments.
Creators didn’t avoid shading this season, and their models were dribbling in gem tones from gemstones and flies of shading from veneer.

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What’s more, given the way that spring is about those clear shades, be prepared to try different things with hued adornments. We love this pattern, particularly in light of the fact that Pantone tones were overwhelmed with nonpartisan shades for the impending season. Also, there’s nothing similar to a fly of shading in the pretense of gleaming gems to inspire a nonpartisan or monochromatic look.
How about we simply pause for a minute to value the restoration of the work of art! Pearls are here, and they’re digging in for the long haul. The runways were suffocated with their stylish appeal when architects Indian displayed their uninhibited love for the regal globule.

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They came in layered pieces of jewelry that sat like chokers on the neck or streamed in layers that were at one time a very Chanel thing. We love them since they are a significant unisex alternative which oozes class and steaminess simultaneously. Along these lines, in the event that you are a person who cherishes your sparklers, attempt a few pearls this opportunity to up your style game. To look at some exquisite assortments of pearls and adornments
No, we aren’t discussing your relationship status. We’re discussing studs! Indeed, they were extraordinary in their engineering this season, yet additionally, the manner in which they were worn. Rather than jeweling up both the ears, one was left liberated from the heaviness of a stud. While the other one was graced with the presence of a nearly shoulder-brushing dangler. It was a significant look, we should say. If you attempt the single stud pattern is up to you. Yet, its absolutely impossible that we are allowing you to rest on the pattern of intense, wonderful danglers.


You can’t get an ideal look without a piece of alluring gems. From straightforward arm bands to broad chains and accessories, help you in saying something look. The majority of the adornments fashioners have changed their vision for the patterns and have accompanied some uncommon gems pieces to make your spring 2021 wonderful more than ever.
The last a large portion of a year have both passed up and hauled over the rehashed Zoom meetings and meetups. In the wake of going to the expendable zoom gatherings, the lone alleviation individuals have isn’t sprucing up any longer. It is significant that how you feel and conduct yourself eventually, our garments, sway how we think and convey ourselves for the duration of the day or any occasion. Here is the rundown of the top spring gems patterns to shop in 2021.
the majority of the ladies love wearing adornments consistently yet don’t feel good while wearing hefty gems sets. These awesome round dabs gems will be a helpful buy for those gem darling women. You can match up this cream shading interesting adornments with any of your easygoing or formal outfits. The stunning mix of the of all shapes and sizes cream-hued globules in a monochromatic design adds some more stars to its uniqueness.

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts

On the off chance that you love lightweight extravagant gems, it’s the best you get at a particularly reasonable cost. The blue dots woven through the metallic rings make an amazing plan for this adornments to coordinate every one of your number one light-shaded dress. Its skin-accommodating fiber material settles on it a simple decision for you to make a snappy buy. This piece of sensitive architect adornments will keep you up to the patterns. These coordinating hoops will step up your searches for parties and other unique events.
You can undoubtedly convey this adornments with the coordinating stud set to keep an Indian society look. The huge dots give a true appeal to your dress, everything being equal, and looks. You can enjoy a reprieve from your customary outfits and adornments to give this enormous red dot gems set to help up your whole style. Make a speedy buy now and hotshot the shrewd and agreeable design to their loved ones. What might actually be in Latest Jewelry Trends Delhi Fair for 2021?

Gift Trade Shows 2021

The Indian Handicrafts and Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 which is also referenced in light of the fact that the Spring Gift Trade Shows 2021 is Asia’s greatest display of handiworks and blessings from India.

Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 is coordinated by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts with 2,900 exhibitors at Indian Expo Center and Mart, New Delhi, Greater Noida Express Way, Greater Noida from Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021.

The Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 could likewise be an aid for Indian crafted works exporters and frill exporters from India since it’s a scaffold between handiworks producers and global purchasers. The reasonable oblige global purchasers as well as host homegrown retailers and potential franchisees.

The guests of the Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 will get the possibility to observe assortment of the lone painstaking work made in India going from home outfitting, endowments and stylistic layouts, house products to form Jewelry and adornments and cowhide merchandise.

Top Handicrafts Exporters from India Fashion Jewelry and Accessories in India Production of handmade things and its fare has contributed to a great extent to the economy of India for quite a while . Crafted works aren’t just seen as a sort of business inside the country, yet it is likewise viewed as a workmanship. this is frequently regularly the chief purpose behind the interest of Indian craftsmanship things in worldwide market as anything drew nearer as a workmanship turns out to be more lovely and commendable.

Workmanship things are made in numerous pieces of India and it’s given food and safe house to a few families in both metropolitan and rustic regions. Any individual who has the talent of creating thing with hands may begin delivering craftsmanship things and it doesn’t need tremendous speculations. this is regularly frequently a noticeable purpose behind the govt. of India to empower Handicrafts makers and give them all the predetermined sources to effectively feature their deals with public likewise as worldwide business sectors.

Indian Handicraft is one of the main craftsmanship exporters from India. the organization dominates in delivering kitchenware out of metal and wood, embellishing things comprised of metal, aluminum, iron, and wood, outside extras, and digging tools. They send out merchandise to Europe, USA, and Middle East Countries.

Asian Handicrafts could likewise be an administration perceived privately owned business that has been inside the area of assembling and sending out crafted works for almost forty years. the organization is known for its carefully assembled things with dabs and furthermore centers around endowments and improving and design adornments and frill.

The Indian Handicrafts and Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 which is also referenced in light of the fact that the Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 is Asia’s greatest display of crafted works and blessings from India. The Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 is coordinated by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts with 2,900 exhibitors at Indian Expo Center and Mart, New Delhi, Greater Noida Express Way, Greater Noida from 19-23 May 2021.
It is safe to say that you are attempting to search out Indian merchants of painstaking work item?

At that point we Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) present ourselves as a non-benefit association. Our proverb is to help, advance, ensure, keep up and increment the Indian producers of handiworks. We are one of the absolute best gathering for Handicrafts items advancement and fare in India. The board offers foundation for advancement of nearby painstaking work items to neighborhood and global business sectors.

Bamboo and Cane painstaking work is among the most seasoned artworks known to people. India being a rich wellspring of a determination of bamboo plants is that the house to numerous handcrafts. for instance , bamboo crate could likewise be an enhanced travel bin. you’ll pack things for gifting during this crate and delightfully cover it with cellophane paper and strips. Greater bamboo bins are utilized for putting away garments. Being light in weight, yet solid, they make a fair stockpiling bushel gathering or office. you’ll additionally keep significant things during this bin.

Bamboo fans is another extraordinary enhancing thing for gifting. you’ll put it on divider or use it sort of a hand fan. Cutting work on bamboo is another lovely workmanship things for gifting or enriching. The utilitarian highlights of bamboo assists with assembling a few things like boxes, tea kettles, totes, seats and containers. In any case, that is not all, strong and light-weight furniture or stick furniture since it’s prevalently referenced is moreover crafted by art. Welcome the first great season with the satisfaction in improving, and hence the delights of attempting to locate the legitimate interesting present for each individual in your life! It’s a period for spending valuable minutes together in appreciation and giving. Furthermore, you’d love it to be significant.

At Delhi Fair 2021, we have you covered for making this season easily unique and lovely . EPCH is glad to introduce our definitive occasion manage, stuffed packed with brilliant home style thoughts and gifting motivation for each financial plan and taste. this stuff are while staggering for a major day as they’re for making regular living lovely, guaranteeing this season are having the chance to be more captivating than any other time.

Add somewhat of custom to your table, transform each room into a warm and comfortable sanctuary, and gives the endowment of immortal style to everybody.
From your closest and dearest to the amigos you’ve scarcely met, find insightful blessings to suit each taste with Delhi Fair 2021. With each buy, you help engage the capable craftsman’s who make them, and protect the characteristic information and antiquated making methods they use—making these blessings significantly more unmistakable and important.

Pondering having an idea for developing circumstances brings a genuine true serenity. the solitary thing that we’ll blessing ourselves is that the consolation that we’ve an arrangement! What would we be able to have to get by for a couple of days if we somehow managed to chase out ourselves without power? The Indian Handicrafts and Delhi Fair 19-23 May 2021 which is also referenced in light of the fact that the Spring Gift Trade Shows 2021 is Asia’s greatest display of handiworks and blessings from India.

Autumn Fair, Autumn Gift Show 2021

How Indian Wholesalers of Spring Gifts fair considered a boon in India? Why visit the Autumn gift show 2021


EPCH World is a leading Indian manufacturer of gifts such as corporate gifts, logo gifts, promotional gifts, advertising gifts, business gifts, and imprinted gifts. All our gifts are high-quality products. You will find the perfect gifts for the perfect occasion for all your needs.


Thousands of clients all over India trust us and what made us achieve their trust is our commitment to quality and the best service. We cater to all the needs of our clients and along with that, we keep in mind the budget. We are Indian wholesalers of gifts that provide you with great quality gifts at very reasonable prices on a time scale that suits you.


Our team at EPCH World work with you to select and design your gifts. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of our relationship goes smoothly. EPCH World is among the top Indian wholesalers of gifts that offers the lowest priced products assuring the best possible quality.


We supply the need of different & diverse Industries such as Automotive, Infrastructure, Beverages, Engineering, IT, Beverages, Pharma or any other. Hundreds of new ideas are introduced every year of Imprinted & innovative Corporate Gifts like Kay Chains, Desk Organizers, Wall & Table Clocks, Memo Cubes, Calendars & Planners, Telephone Indexes, Pen Stands, Mobile Phone Stands, Tea Coasters, Wallets & Purses, Executive & Conference Folders and many more.


Explore our site for all your gifting solutions and you will get the best from the rest. Also, we have the team of skilled professionals who put in great efforts to make the company stand amidst this domain.


Very soon we will be coming up with a gift show, showcasing our wide range of products and solutions excelling in quality craftsmanship and creativity. This will help us in expanding the brand awareness amongst the key decision makers within the targeted audience, help us in making most of the networking opportunities, building up new contacts besides nurturing the existing ones, help us in analyzing the competition by knowing our competitors, help us in growing sales in an already established market and, face to face communication with the invited key clients.


Why visit the gifts show?

– To match your sourcing needs and gain market knowledge by communicating on the show floor.

– Get latest updated on the technology and various trends.

– Find and learn new business partners and new networking opportunities.

– Stay up-to-date with the emerging trends in the gifting industry.

– Know your competitors, get ideas

– Keep an eye on the series of new product launches in the gift world expo.


No wonder gifting has become a way of expressing and developing relationships and in terms of business, it helps in generating goodwill among the employees and the clients. The right choice of gifts can not only act as an advertising and promotional tool of the company but also reflects the love for someone you care.


Keep in mind, EPCH World is getting reinvented to address all your gifting needs, if you are looking for unique, modern, traditional and inexpensive gift ideas that are suitable for your business or other needs, then this is the right place.


Are you aware of the latest trends of Indian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories?

With every New Year comes the list of new trends that rock the nation. The trends which rock in the previous year get replaced with the new ones because this is how the people’s interests are changing. When we talk about fashion jewelry and accessories we look into the latest magazines, explore the market and malls to educate us about the most updated trends. Through this article, we will try to guide to about the latest trends gaining popularity in terms of Indian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories industry.

Let’s first discuss some cool Indian fashion accessories that are going to dazzle your upcoming year.


  1. Thin strapped heels: These are known to be simple yet elegant and are considered perfect for any occasion. From party dresses to Indian traditional outfits you can pair up these heels to give yourself a classy look. These heels are easily available on online stores I can get them easily at a discounted price.
  2. Sling bags: Although big handbags have always been in trend the latest trend states that small is the best. As sling bags are easy to carry, compact in size and very convenient to use. They can make you steal the show even if you are wearing a simple casual outfit.
  3. Embellishments: From shoes to jackets, plain dresses to purses one must be prepared to apply some beautiful embellishments to your day to day apparels and accessories. Just by adding some trendy embellished accessories your most simple outfit can pop out and make you stand differently into the crowd.


Not just accessories, but the jewelry you wear along with your outfits creates a major difference. Many exhibitions and fairs display the latest Indian fashion jewelry and accessories to educate the people about the ongoing trends. Such fairs ihgf international fair and home expo international fair, where the Indian fashion jewelry and accessories of different types are displayed. The most famous styles of Indian fashion jewelry famous nowadays is as follows:


  • Heavy hoops earrings design is the trendiest one when you think of experimenting with a casual or a traditional outfit. It suits to both the styles.
  • Colored enamel adds your entire wardrobe a jest of colors studded with jewelry ornaments. They can be in the form of bracelets or embedded in your clothes as well.
  • Different styles of chains add your outfit an elegance that every women needs. You can wear pearl chains, gold chains, silver chains, etc. depending upon the outfit you are wearing.
  • Drip drop earrings are considered to be the best with western outfits. They grab the attention of everyone very easily.


EPCH World has been organizing many seminars on Indian fashion accessories and jewelry to make the people aware about the ongoing trends. When the trade show India is organized, a section of jewelry and accessories is also displayed there along with other categories. People often go to attend these type of exhibitions and fairs to get knowledge about the latest fashion styles of the hour. After all, getting knowledge from anywhere and everywhere is not bad.  Autumn Trade Fair, Autumn Gift Show 2020

Where to find the best Indian Art & Crafts?

This Is Why the World Prefers Indian Houseware Products Where to find the best Indian Art & Crafts? 


Meta: Though Housewares are manufactured all over the world, Indian manufacturers have a cult following as they promise very high quality with an artistic touch.52494444_2037894452955245_4531274412351029248_n

What are Housewares?

Housewares are nothing but things or equipments that are used in a household. Housewares include kitchenware, furniture, bathroom accessories, and other decorative items. In general tables, utensils, buckets, cups, mugs, blankets, photo frames, bedding, and other small decorative articles are all categorized under housewares.52914579_2037894309621926_5020167279774531584_n

What Makes Indian Houseware Products Universal?

As mentioned earlier, Housewares are manufactured in all parts of the world and each country has its own unique type of products that are specifically designed to suit the particular country’s lifestyle and its climatic and topographical conditions. Sometimes the products may also reflect the cultural practices of the country. Though these unique products would not be found useful by the people of other countries, Indian products always have a great demand in the worldwide market and there are some specific reasons for the world to prefer Indian manufacturers of housewares.37944228_1752968851447808_4113519294409605120_n

Quality and Reliability

The basic expectation of a customer who buys any product is its quality. One does not want to spend their hard-earned money on products with mediocre quality and they also want the item to withstand wear and tear for a long time. Housewares manufactured in India have proven to be of greater quality and consumers find them more reliable.

Handcrafted Items

Crafting a thing with hands is an art and people who have a love for this art prefer buying handcrafted products as they see these things not only as a household item but as a symbol of art. India is famous for producing handcrafted items and their handicraft industry is well known for creating some of the best housewares.

Cultural Diversity

One of the main attractions of India is its cultural diversity. Each part of India is unique and has its own style of living and cultural practices. These cultural practices play a very important role in determining a household and one can witness different types of household items in different parts of India. When these items are put together under one market, it displays a wide variety of products giving customers more options to choose from.37282244_1738796692865024_6088412688096952320_n


Most of the housewares produced in India are manufactured by small scale industries. Some of them even manufacture these products at their houses and sell them at affordable rates. The rates are very low when compared to products manufactured by big companies without any compromise in quality.


Where to find the best Indian Housewares?

Though there are numerous markets all over India to host housewares, one can find only items that are manufactured in and around a particular city or a state at such markets. A huge variety of products from all over the country can only be witnessed during exhibitions and fairs which are occasional.684e6-29386247_1604312679646760_7131288364552028160_n

One such Indian housewares fair is gearing up to happen in New Delhi in February 2019 in the name of IHGF Delhi Fair Spring 2019 conducted by the EPCH. The fair not only host housewares, but also gifts & decoratives, toys, and fashion jewellery.

Fashion Jewellery & Accessories EPCH

Most Sought Fashion Jewellery and Accessories in Indiaepch

Fashion Jewellery and Accessories have become a trend over the past decade and new generation women prefer fashion jewellery over traditional jewellery as the former is very much low on cost. Fashion Jewellery is nothing but ornaments that are made particularly to suit or complement a costume.31910146_1649340851810609_4702848494581317632_n

This type of jewellery and accessories are generally made of silver, brass, nickel, lead, plastic, beads, leather, or even wood. Some types of fashion jewellery are also gold-plated to give a rich look. Though these ornaments do not last for a very long period of time when compared to fine jewellery, they are most sought for their eye-catchy look and a wide range of designs.12654100_938431072901594_5569182790011825272_n

Indian Fashion Jewellery

Indian women are known for their decorative jewellery and traditional appearances. Though the vintage Indian jewellery hosted ornaments that were made of expensive metals like gold, and precious stones and gems, the present era is dominated mostly by fashion jewellery. Even legendary jewellery firms in India have separate section for fashion jewellery as it is preferred by women of all ages. Many designers in India find fashion jewellery as an outlet for their creativity and come up with numerous unique designs which are another reason for its growing popularity.30726437_1631267673617927_5285224061096427520_n

Popular Ornaments in Indian Fashion Jewellery

Necklaces and Chokers

Whenever we hear the word ornament the first visual generated by our brain would be of a necklace. Any jewellery loving woman would have a separate collection of necklaces and it is an unavoidable piece when it comes to decorating themselves. India is famous for fashion necklaces made of beads and pearl as they can be wore for any type of costume. Most necklaces in India are designed especially to suit sarees and salwars.37411820_1738796399531720_2878920358080020480_n

Earrings and Studs

Probably earrings are ornaments that most young women get whenever they are out for shopping. Having a huge collection of earrings and studs help them wear a new one everyday matching the colour of their dress. Jhumkis are another classification under earrings which is very popular among Indian women. Pearl studs, crystal beads jhumkis, simple geometric type earrings, and micro style studs are some of the most used types of fashion earrings in India.


Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles are worn by Indian women for thousands of years and they are like a part of their body. Bracelets are also worn by many nowadays and fashion jewellery has contributed a lot for it. These two types of wrist wear are almost worn by every woman in India.48411498_1955040997907258_4327911490456649728_n


Traditional anklets in India were mostly made out of Gold and Silver. However women nowadays neither prefer the metals they were made in the olden days nor the old designs. From children to middle aged, most women nowadays prefer modern fashion-styled anklets as they are simple yet attractive.44062462_1859544767456882_5338646616670732288_n


A list of fashion jewellery and accessories is never complete without the presence of rings. Indian fashion rings are usually made up of minute crystals and studs which make them appear more charming. Rings are considered as the most sought ornament by foreigners by fashion jewellery and accessories exporters from India.

Indian Handicrafts Manufacturers : EPCH

Gifting in India and its Leading Manufacturers  Indian Handicrafts Manufacturers : EPCH Gifting someone is a gesture of showing love and appreciation. The satisfaction in both awarding someone and being awarded is immense and most of us would have experienced it in some parts of our life. The culture of gifting is practiced all around the world as human emotions are the same for all no matter wherever they are.44081436_1860734104004615_7818421048159764480_n

During the olden days, people used to gift their beloved ones with money, land, livestock, or their own belongings and there were no separate gift manufacturing sectors. As days passed and gifting started to become a custom, people started to make items and cards especially to gift someone and thus came into inception a separate industry for producing gift items.


India is one among the best gift manufacturers in the world and here is the list of some of the top manufacturers of gifts in India. But before visiting the gift manufacturers let us have a look at the various types of gifts a gift manufacturing company must produce to meet the demands of the consumers.37224592_1737197779691582_6837792577538752512_n

Types of Gifts

Gifts for Birthdays and Anniversaries

Whenever we hear the word gift, the first thing that strikes our mind is a birthday. The gifts made for birthdays and anniversaries are either cards or small and cute looking things that will have a Happy birthday or anniversary note.32231693_1654892871255407_3674985657266077696_n (1)

Gifts for Special Occasions

Gifts for special occasions are items that are designed particularly to suit events such as marriage, betrothal, house warming, retirement, and child birth.28167316_1581612275250134_5982191667620298774_n

Gifts for Festivals

India is a land of festivals and the country is known for its celebrations. Gifting family members, friends, and colleagues during festivals is a long-standing custom in India and there are a wide variety of gifts created to suit festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and Christmas.25151879_1510354479042581_6902282285644737745_n

Corporate Gifts

These are new a type of gifts that are manufactured with the sole purpose of promoting a corporate company. Gifts made for corporate companies demand very high creativity and corporate gifts in India are considered the best for their uniqueness.19665457_1368826053195425_7431788857346351552_n

Indian Manufacturers of Gifts


Blissket is a Mumbai-based gift manufacturer that excels in manufacturing corporate gifts. The company is known for manufacturing personalised gifts and has a talented team to create new ideas every day.epch28april3

Gangamani Art & Crafts

The Gangamani Art & Crafts gifting company is known for manufacturing a wide variety of gifts such as paintings, brass artware, corporate gifts, gifts for occasions, Christmas and festive decor, and ethnic gifts.10349138_641326219278749_7179881492789432171_n


Presto is a gift manufacturing company based in Kolkata that specializes in creating personalised gifts. 3-D crystals, photo mugs, photo clocks, and softies are some of their best

Jaipur Craft

Jaipur Craft is famous for manufacturing beautiful handicrafts such as miniature sculptures, candles, pen-stands, chess sets, and dolls. The company manufactures recyclable and eco-friendly products.44096793_1860770597334299_8757833921686667264_n (1)


Poompuhar is a Government of Tamil Nadu undertaken manufacturer of handicrafts. Stone and sandalwood sculptures, metal ware, earth ware, paintings, and Paper Mache are some of the stand-out products manufactured by Poompuhar.

Fashion Jewellry & Accessories 2021

All You Need to Know About Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair Fashion Jewellry & Accessories 2021


The Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair is an event organised by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts twice a year as Spring and Autumn Editions. The event is conducted for the sole purpose of directly connecting international buyers and agents with handicrafts manufacturers which will open gates for the latter’s business development and well being.epch7548446955

The IHGF is one of the biggest houseware and jewelry fairs in India which has proven to be beneficial for numerous handicrafts manufacturers in finding foreign as well as domestic retail buyers. The first Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair was held in 1994 for supporting small and medium exporters. Since then, the event has caught the eyes of many international buyers and domestic retailers making it one of the largest handicrafts and gifts fair in Asia.images (9)

List of Products Displayed

The fair will have exhibitors exhibiting products such as,

  1. Furniture and Furniture Accessories.
  2. Fashion Jewelry & Accessories.
  3. House ware.
  4. Bathroom Accessories.
  5. Gifts & Decorative.
  6. Christmas & Festive Decors.
  7. Carpets & Rugs.
  8. Garden Decorative.
  9. Incense Sticks, Candles, and Aromatics.
  10. Lamps & Lighting.
  11. Home Textiles.
  12. Leather Goods & Bags.
  13. Natural Fibre and Eco-Friendly Products.

The Organiser-EPCH

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts is a non-profit organisation which was established in 1986 under the Companies Act. The main objective of the council is to support, promote, and increase the export of handicrafts in India. Being an apex body of handicrafts promoters, EPCH has played a very big part in projecting India as a reliable handicrafts supplier in the global market.26195783_1828071930556828_6315460491015230153_n

Indian handicrafts exporters initially found it very hard in approaching the international markets as they were not illuminated with the necessary information and exposure to do so. Post the inception of EPCH many handicrafts manufacturers were able to see their very own creations cross international waters without spending a huge amount of money for promotions.

How EPCH Help Handicrafts Exporters?

  • EPCH provides its members with the necessary information to develop their export rate.
  • Organises delegation visits for its members to witness overseas market.
  • Participates in International trade fairs and promotes Indian handicrafts.
  • Serves as a bridge between the Government of India and the exporting community.
  • Conducts several programmes to create awareness about export procedures and the expectation of overseas consumers.
  • Organizes the Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair twice every year.12115867_883200435091325_8444870912853805952_n

Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair 2021

The first IHGF trade fair for the year 2021 is scheduled to be held from March in New Delhi. The fair is also termed as Spring Fair 2021 and the EPCH has announced that this year’s fair would be even bigger than the autumn edition of 2020.epch1235

The fair will be hosting around 2,900 exhibitors from all over the country in a huge area of 197,000 sq metres. The Spring Fair 2021 promises to showcase handicrafts ranging from home furnishing, gifts & decorative and lifestyle & fashion with an Indian artistic touch.

Manufacturers of Handicrafts: EPCH

What Makes Gift Articles From India More Special? Manufacturers of Handicrafts: EPCH

Meta: Gifts & Decoratives contribute largely to the export list of India as there is a huge demand for them in the global market for their uniqueness and quality.home decoration

As Einstein quoted “The important things are always simple”, it is human nature to get attracted to simple things and gift article manufacturers in India have made this their motto. Imagine yourself in a gift shop looking for an item to gift your special one. The shop may be a vast one with numerous collections or a small one with selective collections. Your eyes will always focus on items that are small and artistic as you want your gift to be often cute rather than being embellished.

Let us have a look at some of the other factors that make gift articles from India more special:27654443_1558218467589515_268421956797191235_n

India is a Land of Celebration

Indians are known for celebrations. The country has people of different religious beliefs living together and there will be at least two celebratory events in a month. When a country has more number of celebratory events, automatically the reputation of gift articles produced will be higher as creating and selling the same type of gifts will throw the manufacturer away from the market.684e6-29386247_1604312679646760_7131288364552028160_n

Handcrafted Gift Articles

When a particular item’s export rate is higher for a country, it means that the country excels in meeting the demands of the consumers in style. One such most demanded item in the global market is Handcrafted gift articles from India. Indians are highly skilful in creating beautiful handcrafted articles from clay, paper, copper, brass, and porcelain which are loved by people all around the world.37944228_1752968851447808_4113519294409605120_n

Paintings and Jewellery

Many foreigners touring India make space in their bags for paintings and handcrafted jewellery while returning back to their homeland. India has a long standing history for paintings and has produced some of the greatest painting works ever. The art is still being mastered by many aspiring painters whose works are sought by many to gift their special ones. When it comes to handcrafted jewellery, India stands tall in the global market as the pieces are state of the art and highly

Miniature Statues

Like painting sculpting is also an oldest art form mastered by the Indians. India is known for its idol worshiping practice and many foreigners who love the culture of India are interested in idol worshiping as well. The country produces some of the best miniature statues of gods out of different metals which are loved by many. Miniature statues of gods and goddesses are not only meant for those who worship them. They are also preferred by people who see them only as an artwork.26195783_1828071930556828_6315460491015230153_n

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts

EPCH is a non-profit organisation that helps manufacturers of handicrafts, gifts & decorative, housewares, and furniture showcase their products on the global market. cropped-picture01.pngThe organisation has played a major role in expanding the market for Indian products through exhibitions and fairs. If you are looking to buy any such product or showcase your own product you can visit their next big event in New Delhi in February 2019, The Spring Fair 2019 which will prove to be useful for both buyers as well as sellers.

Handicrafts Spring Fair 2020 – A Short Preview : EPCH

Spring Fair 2019 – A Short Preview  Handicrafts Spring Fair 2020 – A Short Preview : EPCH

The Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair April 2020 which is also known as the Spring Fair 2020 is Asia’s biggest exhibition of handicrafts and gifts from India. The Spring Fair 2020 is organised by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts with 2,900 exhibitors at Indian Expo Centre & Mart, New Delhi, Greater Noida Express Way, Greater Noida from 15 to 19 April, 2020.48398330_1948488925229132_3362699890843975680_o

The Spring Fair 2020 is a boon for Indian handicrafts exporters and accessories exporters from India as it serves as a bridge between handicrafts manufacturers and international buyers. The fair not only accommodate international buyers but also host domestic retailers and potential franchisees.48394915_1948482345229790_1114381371490435072_o

The main objective of the Spring Fair 2020 is to open the gates of international market for domestic handicrafts manufacturers by exhibiting their products to international clients. The event will be graced by wholesalers, franchises, distributors, fashion designers and retailers who may offer a contract for the export of a particular product.37411820_1738796399531720_2878920358080020480_n

Types of Products Displayed

The Spring Fair 2020 will host products such as,

  1. Furniture and Furniture Accessories.
  2. Fashion Jewellery & Accessories.
  3. House ware.
  4. Bathroom Accessories.
  5. Gifts & Decorative.
  6. Christmas & Festive Decors.
  7. Carpets & Rugs.
  8. Garden Decorative.
  9. Incense Sticks, Candles, and Aromatics.
  10. Lamps & Lighting.
  11. Home Textiles.
  12. Leather Goods & Bags.
  13. Natural Fibre and Eco-Friendly Products.
  14. Educational Toys & Games.31956259_1651205118290849_8273160803796910080_n

What does Spring Fair 2020 Promise to Deliver?

Unlimited Range of Products

The visitors of the Spring Fair 2020 will get the opportunity to witness some of the best handicrafts made in India ranging from home furnishing, gifts & decors, house wares to fashion Jewellery & accessories and leather goods.48411498_1955040997907258_4327911490456649728_n (1)

Unique Designs

Though all the above-mentioned types of products can be accessed anywhere in the world, the thing that makes the products showcased at the Spring Fair 2020 special are its unique design reflecting traditional Indian practices and lifestyle.48412866_1955041207907237_3457589071465938944_n

Artistic Touch

The products displayed by various exhibitors not only promise unique designs but also an artistic touch which is why Indian handicrafts have a special place in global market.20157434_1385989211479109_105467703065704015_o

New Trends

The Spring Fair 2020 will be flooded with items designed by new-age designers especially in the fashion jewellery and accessories section with a potential to create new trends in the future.

Eco-Friendly Products

The Fair will have products that are eco-friendly and recyclable such as handicrafts made out of cane and bamboo.

Facilities Provided for Buyers

The biggest handicrafts buyers and sellers meet will provide its visitors with all the necessary facilities that include

Exchange Counter

The IHGF will have a foreign exchange counter by Thomas Cook within the fair premises.

Medical Aid

The fair has all the necessary medical aids and special arrangements for the physically challenged to make them feel comfortable.

Business Centres

A multi-functional business centre offering international telephone facilities, fax, courier, secretarial services, and photocopying will be within the reach of the visitors.

Restaurants and Free Shuttle

The Spring Fair features restaurants and offer free shuttle service for international clients from certain hotels. For more details visit

Home Textile Products India

What is Home Textile and What Home Textile Products India is Famous For?48275522_1942142032530488_7460886091877318656_n

As we all know textile are woven fabric or any type of cloth that we use in our day to day life. Though these fabrics were initially invented to safeguard ourselves from the environment, its purpose began to shift as generations passed and today they are manufactured with an intention to project us presentable which has garnered huge revenue for the textile industries48272911_1942116152533076_3945548986093404160_n

Home Textile

The term home textile has been misunderstood by people that these are fabrics that can be manufactured at home. But actually, home textiles are textiles that are used for the purpose of home furnishing and decoration of our houses.47688590_1939458912798800_5808070191183036416_o

Types of Fabrics Used

The most common types of fabrics used in home furnishing are,

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Satin

These types of fabrics are made into textiles by employing techniques such as embroidery, dying, stitching, and weaving.44081436_1860734104004615_7818421048159764480_n

Indian Home Textile

The textile industry of India has a long-standing history and the country is known for its fabricating skills. The fabricating prowess of India is not only limited within the clothing sector but also extends to home textile through its meticulous home textile products. The country predominantly uses fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon, jute, rayon, and wool to produce various home textile products among which some of the top types of products are listed below.48199371_1940724332672258_4872410195654868992_n

Indian Home Textile Products

Bed Spreads

Bed spreads in India are commonly made of cotton and other blended fabrics. These blended fabrics will have cotton as its main component as it provides good comfort. Cotton-Polyester and Cotton-Rayon are some of the commonly used blends.48077711_1939393982805293_7922930010631962624_n

Pillows and Covers

India is famous for manufacturing soft and comfortable pillows and pillow covers. Most Indian pillows are made of cotton with some polyester fill. Pillow covers may sometime employ silk.


India is one among the top 10 largest wool producing countries in the world and produces some of the finest blankets. Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir are some of the best blanket manufacturers of India.48362751_1940724219338936_7023634472406876160_n

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs are basically floor coverings that are used to decorate the floor. India produces some of the finest quality of carpets and rugs using cotton, silk, and wool.

Table Cloths

In India, table cloths are usually made out of cotton and polyester blends. Indian table cloths are most popular for the embroidery designs and other art works inscribed on it.


Mats are another most seen home furnishing textile. Hand-woven mats out of wool are quite famous in India which can be used as door mats and car mats.

Kitchen Linen

Kitchen linen is nothing but fabrics that are used within the kitchen such as apron, small towels, oven mitts, and dishcloths. Kitchen linen also includes fabrics that are used to decorate the kitchen.48232942_1940723856005639_3469950893581926400_n

Bathroom Linen

Bathroom linen includes bathroom mats, bath robes, towels, and face cloth. Indian bathroom linen is mostly fabricated out of cotton, wool, and yarn.


Curtains are generally used in homes for decorative purposes and avoiding bright sunlight. Indian curtains are generally made of cotton and polyester fabrics and are known for their attractive designs.