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Wednesday, 31 October, 2018
EPCH is an apex organization of trade and industry for promotion of handicrafts and is credited with organizing Asia’s largest Handicrafts & Gifts Show.
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Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) was established under Companies Act in the year 1986-87 and is a non-profit organisation, with an object to promote, support, protect, maintain and increase the export of handicrafts. it is an apex body of handicrafts exporters for promotion of exports of Handicrafts from country and projected India’s image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality of handicrafts goods & services and ensured various measures keeping in view of of observance of international standards and specification. The Council has created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, which are availed both by the members exporters and importers.    Know More

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Indian vendors of handicrafts

Directory of Indian Exporters and Importers Indian vendors of handicrafts30707441_1634948633249831_2276962880316243968_n

Are you looking for Indian vendors of handicrafts product? Then we Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) introduce ourselves as a non-profit organization. Our motto is to support, promote, protect, maintain and increase the Indian manufacturers of handicrafts. We are one of the top council for Handicrafts products promotion & export in India. The council offers infrastructure for promotion of local handicrafts products to local and international markets.a1dd1-28377482_1581611915250170_6720018791357721159_n

The council is headed by executive directors and a professional management team. While eminent exporters and professionals have laid down the foundation of the Committee of Administration. EPCH has an unusual reputation of being the perfect organization that is self-operating; where all the promotional operations are self-financed. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We continue to work on excellence and the objective of acquiring the hallmark of worth assurance by extending outstanding workshop to all the members and stakeholder.delhi-fair (1)


For promoting Indian wholesalers of handicraft export, EPCH constantly provides useful information and assistance to our members. The council also offers service and advice to the members in areas of technology upgrade, product development, quality and design improvement.  Arranging delegation visits for its participant in International Trade Fairs of handicraft & gifts and helping trade show India look for opportunities to discover overseas market.18157128_1301799109898120_5187711699029908937_n

Aggressive plan for development & promotion in Northeastern crafts

The association had accomplished an ambitious international marketing project for the entire northeastern region to improve the commercial status of the North-Eastern Region through bamboo handicrafts products, Indian furnishings home textiles and wooden handicrafts exporters. The council has taken an initiative towards the development of Indian wholesalers of handicrafts by exhibiting the merchandise in theme galleries or exhibitions. Subsequently, Indian exporters and importers of handicrafts products from North East Region has tremendously increased.20375777_1389111187833578_1066494478974532272_n

Photo & picture framing technology at Saharanpur and Jodhpur

Photo framing technology is the EPCH’s special infrastructural project. It supports technology upgrade for handicrafts. To upgrade the quality of wooden handicrafts products, EPCH has imported machines as per international requirements. The utility centers are in Saharanpur and Jodhpur.20264812_1389111284500235_2909066707424919885_n

Tech- upgradation forming center at Saharanpur

The facility at Saharanpur is equipped with Technology Up-gradation, Design Studio and installation of Carpentry School and Training & Marketing and Seasoning Plant. Other comprehensive scheme is added to provide overall facilities to the wood carving industry in Saharanpur.20245561_1389111094500254_9036222556278742489_n

Establishment of International Lace trade center

The center is constructed in sprawling 5 acres land and equipped with necessary marketing infrastructure. There is also a connection between Indian handicrafts suppliers, handicraft exports and international market towards promoting growth to the cluster and its primary stack holders.  30726437_1631267673617927_5285224061096427520_n

Formation of Moradabad resource center

The council has created centralized facilities at Moradabad to circulate business development. Besides its marketing/publicity and world market trends is enhancing the development. 20157434_1385989211479109_105467703065704015_o

Setting up Handicrafts productivity center at Jaipur

EPCH has established a center in Jaipur with the view of giving benefit to artisans and exporters of the State of Rajasthan. The project is mainly for quality improvement, skill development, training and testing laboratory to obtain value-added services to the Handicrafts exporters based in Rajasthan.

Indian manufacturers of handicrafts

Bamboo Handicrafts Products (IFGF Delhi Fair, 2018)-History, Uses and Product Profile:History37944228_1752968851447808_4113519294409605120_n

Since thousands of years bamboo is used around the world, it has 1600 documented traditional uses. Bamboo is a sturdy natural product from which many unique and appealing decorating items can be created for both office and home.37748176_1748156961928997_8698847304699871232_n

Bamboo is multi-purpose and extensively used in our life. Bamboo plant quickly develops with most species maturing in 3 to5 years, and a few species maturing within a year. It is, therefore, a low-cost substance that is strong and durable and can be used for just about anything from house building to purposeful and decorative objects such as bamboo pots.37732938_1747990041945689_6750101839414296576_n


Bamboo is highly ductile and it can thus bend into round and curved shapes without breaking. It can also be forced into many shapes when it is growing, for example, growing young shoots through a square tube or curling it into a corkscrew shape, like ‘lucky bamboo’.37725442_1747989851945708_4841731385993461760_n

Bamboo is an exceptionally durable and hardy plant and so it is used for constructing dwellings, furniture, scaffolding, flooring, roofing and many other bamboo projects. Well, a few artifacts in daily use that are crafted from this material are; chairs, stools, bamboo rice steamer, fountains, hats, baskets, mats, and pots, eating utensils, beds, cups, bowls, fishing traps and, carts, musical instruments such as flutes, and toys.37689829_1747989695279057_1560055559267287040_n


A room’s appearance can be easily changed with tabletop or floor accessories. The environmental cane and bamboo handicrafts from Assam, Meghalaya or Arunachal Pradesh can bring a tribal feel to the décor.37683933_1747989721945721_1390784966782091264_n

Bamboo and Cane handicrafts is among the oldest crafts known to humans. India being a rich source of a variety of bamboo plants is the home to multiple handcrafts. For instance, bamboo basket is a decorated travel basket. You can pack items for gifting in this basket and beautifully cover it with cellophane paper and ribbons. Bigger bamboo baskets are used for storing clothes. Being light in weight, yet strong, they make a good storage basket at home or office. You can also keep valuable items in this basket. 37520351_1738795609531799_5398360015138455552_n

Bamboo fans is another great decorative item for gifting. You can place it on wall or use it like a hand fan. Carving work on bamboo is another beautiful handicraft items for gifting or decorating. The utilitarian features of bamboo helps to manufacture several items like boxes, teapots, hand bags, chairs and baskets. But that’s not all, sturdy and light-weight furniture or cane furniture as it is popularly referred to is also the work of art.37411820_1738796399531720_2878920358080020480_n

Another interesting and colorful bamboo handicrafts products is the leaf-headgear for tea garden workers. This umbrella has handles made from bamboo and the top cover is made from natural cloth with designs of plants, leaves, and creepers are etched on them.37378021_1738618319549528_556538400472039424_nExport Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) is showcasing different types of bamboo use and items created by the Indian manufacturers of handicrafts. This event will host 10,000 handicraft exports and 2900 exhibitors from India. This trade show India will be an exceptional event to look out for.


Home Textiles Products India

IHGF International Fair Showcases Home Textiles Products India

37182537_1735732739838086_3692923867350695936_nSince Indus valley civilization textiles have been a part of India’s legacy. Dating back to 3000 BC at the time of Sumerian statuettes, Indian handcrafted textiles emerged in the form of cotton saris.

Through the millennium Indian furnishings home textiles have held a special place in India’s heritage, the example is Mahabharat. We find ancient murals in the Ajanta caves that depict the sprouting of textile in India.37418501_1738796789531681_3678454075285831680_n

Birth of flourishing industry in India

Each textile hub in India reveals the story of its craft or the place of its origin. Like, Block printing is a famous style in many states that has originated in the western coast of the country has spread to other states namely West Bengal in the east, Punjab in the North and Andhra Pradesh in the South. Though the craft has its own individual style in each textile hub but upon entering the market, it takes a different name. Block printing is produced by the technique of stamping motifs with dye/ink on the cloth. Today, block printing is the local flavors of Indian furnishings home textiles.37188910_1735732756504751_268419903923421184_n

In Rajasthan, Dabu printing technique uses earth in skillful patterns that is applied on the cloth and the cloth is then dipped in dye. After removing the dried earth, the cloth has white patterns. The cloth masked by earth prevents the ink from blotting. This method is named resist-printing because the mud resists the ink but locally it is called as “Dabu”. Another textile craft naming “Bagru” is from the same region. It is a dexterity in which block prints are stamped on to cloth repeatedly.37282244_1738796692865024_6088412688096952320_n

The districts of Kutch and Mandvi in Gujarat and Shantiniketan in West Bengal, today, are the heartlands of Batik culture in India. Batik style has permeated Indian furnishings home textiles industry and households for its fresh and striking appeal. The fabric is first lined in exquisite wax designs, after which it is swathed in the dye. After drying the wax has cracked, the wonderful patterns that are left behind make for vibrant clothes, wall accents and teapoy covers. The word Batik stems from the Indonesian word “ambatik”, which is loosely translated to ‘wax writing’, and since the craft originated in Indonesia, the name continues to be used in other parts of the world today, including in India.37287453_1738796689531691_6005085194363600896_n

Like Batik, there is another style of printing whose name represents its resplendent history. Ajrakh is a brilliant handloom style that speaks of piercing indigo skies and deep blue darkness and is practiced in Kutch, Gujarat.

A 30% market growth on home textile Products in India

Currently, Indian furnishings home textiles is recognized globally for its range of flagrant designs in home and furniture fabrics.37280982_1735732913171402_4256886123088838656_n India is now on the verge of a big boom in the economic housing sector and there is good employment opportunity. Data sources reveal that 30-40 % growth has been seen in the home textile products both in India and the globe. Organizations like home expo international fair and IHGF international fair are responsible for this growth as they provide a marketing platform to Indian wholesalers of handicrafts, Indian wholesalers of antique furniture, and Indian suppliers of handicraft to the global customer.

Handicrafts Products: EPCH

Gift Shows Promote the Ancient Treasure of Indian Handicrafts

India, from its very ancient (Vedic) times has been known for its handicraft skills. Subsequently, 31957776_1651205101624184_3909938514594103296_nIndian manufacturers of handicrafts has been one of the most popular cottage industry of all times, and Indian trade fair provides the right platform to promote this art. Soon Indian manufacturers of gifts captured the market, and the demand for handcrafted items has tremendously increased.

With the advent of gifts show from IHGF international fair, has opened doors to foreign customers and thus the Indian handicrafts industry has become popular on the globe. Trade show India like AMBIENTE INDIA 2018 AT PRAGATI MAIDAN, NEW DELHI (27 – 29 JUNE 2018) became a doorway to cultural India, which displays the best of the home textiles products India, brass handicrafts products, and bamboo handicrafts products.31337820_1641675869243774_3477640822072016896_n

Now, that the export and import of Indian handicrafts manufacturers were well established, the next factor was “cost”. Since handicrafts are highly labor intensive, outsourcing was not useful, and hence more artisans started vesting their interest into it. After the “market” and “cost” being managed, came the “handicraft gift items.”. Indian craftsmanship began to reflect in paper products, religious products, toys and dolls, home products and Antiques, nautical products, garments, garden accessories, furniture, paintings, decorative items, table accessories, Antique Armory, Home Furnishing, Jewelry and many other useful products like home textiles products India. Today, Indian vendors of handicrafts is one of the most successful trade in India and on the globe.31357624_1641650539246307_4370815782792200192_n

 The Indian manufacturers of housewares are creating magnificent artistry on serving or cooking utensils for thousands of years. The ancient artwork continues to be carved on modern earthen or copper pots. The intricately designed silver utensils and cutlery symbolize aristocracy. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel products are known for their versatility and durability. It was not possible for the Indian homeowners to avail these housewares under one roof, until the handicrafts gift fair of India bought forth an effective solution to this problem. 31357914_1641675915910436_6873384675167961088_n

Products like brass handicrafts products, bamboo handicrafts products that are designed by craft manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, Indian manufacturers of gifts handicraft items are, wooden handicraft, animal handicraft, bar accessories, baskets, bath accessories, candle stand, door knob, figures, fire sets, etc. In Rajasthan, it includes beautiful paintings, exclusive designer jewelry, gemstone sculptures, and different types of stone handicraft, wooden handicraft, lamp shades, ornamental dagger, terracotta candle, cloth painting, embroidery painting, marble painting and many more.31947233_1651204974957530_4110200616129658880_n


Come, visit the IHGF DELHI FAIR – AUTUMN (14 – 18 OCTOBER 2018) to experience the true Indian craftsmanship.


Indian handicraft products: EPCH

Trade Shows Promotes Indian Manufacturers of Gifts32089724_1651223928288968_1375388922070171648_n

When it comes to manufacturing handicrafts and embroidered products, a few countries match up to the Indian artistic acumen, designing abilities and a sense of balance in color and texture. Over the passage of time, the Indian handicrafts industry has taken rapid growth strides, emerging as a major source of revenue for country’s economy. Subsequently, gifts shows like the Delhi Trade Fair 2018 has gone a long way in providing that extra spur in the course of development of the Indian handicrafts exports.

In India, Indian manufacturers of gifts are involved in producing a variety of handicraft products and accessories. Textiles, jewelry items, stone craft, woodwork products and glass items are some of the most popular forms of Indian handicrafts. The ceramic sector in the country is also worth a special mention. With the industry undergoing rapid evolution and growth, handicrafts exports experts need to keep a tab on the latest innovations from this sector. This is precisely where the IHGF DELHI FAIR – AUTUMN (14-18 October 2018) Trade show India and other such trade events come to their aid.

Home textiles products India, brass handicrafts products and bamboo handicrafts products are highly popular in the global markets. Each year, a major chunk of the total handicraft production is exported to foreign countries, with USA and UK being two of the major buyers of Indian handicraft products. The labor-intensive nature of this sector also suits the Indian economy, with manpower being in abundant supply in the country, and that too, at relatively cheap rates. A thorough insight into the various opportunities that are available in the Indian handicrafts manufacturers sector can be obtained by visiting the 16th GLOBAL INDIAN FESTIVAL 2018 in MALAYSIA (9-17 June 2018), where attendees have the scope of interacting with industry professionals too.

The journey of the Indian handicrafts industry has, however, not been a uniformly smooth one. Till a few years back, the sector received minimal support from the Government, while there was a dearth of skilled and qualified artisans too. The unavailability of sophisticated machine tools also acted as a major deterrent. The story of the Indian handicrafts sector of overcoming such hurdles to become an industry of worth more than USD 1.2 billion is remarkable indeed. The hard work and perseverance of artisans, coupled with continuous upgradation in technology have been the chief causes of the success of the industry. A glimpse of the modern handicraft machinery can be had at the Trade Fair Delhi 2011.

Locations like Moradabad, Ferozabad, Sanganer, Bagru and Narsapur have become famous for the specialized handicraft products that are available here. With more and more varieties of Indian brass handicrafts coming up in the field of brass handicrafts products, bamboo handicrafts products, a healthy competition among several handicraft production centers has emerged, driving up manufacturing efficiency levels. With high levels of domestic as well as international demand, the Indian handicrafts industry seems poised for greater heights in future.

Indian Suppliers of Handicrafts

IHGF International Fair Hosts Brass Handicrafts Products

Since prehistoric time’s brass is a popular metal with humans. Due to its unique features like formability, strength and corrosion resistance, brass is extensively used in several applications including crafting brass handicrafts products.31956259_1651205118290849_8273160803796910080_n

Subsequently, there is a massive demand for handcrafted products in bras in the national and international market. For the promotion of brass handicrafts manufacturer32202836_1654155177995843_5319142135092477952_n and suppliers several organizations like the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) are organizing exhibitions to help local and international artisans showcase their products to interested buyers.31389067_1640814282663266_666375746616295424_n

Moradabad, in the state of Uttar Pradesh is the hub of artisans who have excelled in the art of brass handicrafts products. Subsequently, Moradabad is known as the capital of brass handicraft industry of India or Pital Nagri. This city has generation of families devoted to Brass handicraft work.31395549_1641675842577110_8908239540339081216_n

India is the home to a wide variety of brass handicrafts products; the descriptions of some items are listed below.

Brass handicraft products are used for both contemporary and traditional home décor. You can easily find vases, figurines and decorative items in rustic, silver or golden hues.

Brass and glass makes a striking pair. With Indian suppliers of handicrafts, you can find scintillating lamps, chandeliers and decorative lights. These visually appealing products are water resistant.32231693_1654892871255407_3674985657266077696_n (1)

Artisans create figurines like a bull statute, parrot, or peacock by beating and malleating high-quality brass with great craftsmanship.

Brass Ship has a wooden base and the sails are made from brass. This appealing item is available in golden hue. Brass Bowl and brass box comes in an excellent finish, with engravings and exotically deigned handles for a comfortable hold. These brass handicrafts products are available in Bronze, Chrome, Silver and Gold finishing.32153031_1654155164662511_8889298197692809216_n

Another interesting gift item is the Surya Face which is made from malleating brass into the shape of the sun. This item is usually available in bright golden hue but can also be found in rust. Indian vendors of handicrafts have another ace up their sleeve, the Brass Shoes. Available in different sizes and patterns this home décor item enhances the glory of your living place.

Some home décor brass handicrafts products that are auspicious too include the Buddha Murti, Brass Thalli, Brass Kachua and Brass Trishul. All these items are made from best quality brass.31437484_1641675939243767_3395101399002906624_n

Flower baskets made from brass serves as an attractive home décor item. Available in Bronze, Gold and Chrome, these baskets can be used for storing items as well.

These top brass handicrafts products will be showcased in popular trade show India. These home expo international fair will involve participation from 10,000 Indian handicrafts suppliers, so interested buyers can easily purchase home décor and gifting items for reasonable prices, while the artisans get a platform to display their talent to local and international markets.

Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair 2018

Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fairs in 2018


Jewellery & Accessories is an integral part of Indian Fashion because whenever we speak of fashion accessories the first thing that comes to our mind is ornaments. Both men and women are fascinated by trinkets. Subsequently, you will uncover a variety of designs, material and styles suitable for all ages.31444635_1641675792577115_1526142518972907520_n

Due to an extensive demand of glittering and elegant ornaments worldwide, India now arranges Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories shows across the nation. Upcoming jewellery fair in India show 2018 will be organized by IIFJAS (21st – 24th AUGUST 2018) & CJGF (19th– 21st OCTOBER 2018). Prominent and local artisans will participate in these fairs to display their craftsmanship.31961611_1651223948288966_1035503962091945984_n

Here you may find all details of two major Jewelry exhibitions for your reference.

IIFJAS (21st – 24th AUGUST 2018) MUMBAI

The 12th Indian International Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show (IIFJAS) 2018 is scheduled on 21st -24th August 2018, at the Bombay Exhibition and Convention Centre, in Mumbai. This year 250 suppliers and 10000 buyers from all over the world with 350 stalls are expected to participate in this exhibition.31947618_1651204794957548_2552136220880666624_n

About 7 international countries along with 20 Indian states will attend this fair, which will be record-breaking. You will get fascinating ornaments collection from international countries like-UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, Nepal, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, China, Dubai, Japan, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others.32089591_1651205091624185_3132466163192168448_n

The timing of this jewellery fair in India is perfect as peak business hours hovers between August – September and lasts up to 8 months. For the buyers, this fair offers latest trends and development for upcoming wedding season and festivals31956259_1651205118290849_8273160803796910080_n

IIFJAS is the place where leading fashion stylist & designers, buying agents and buying houses, television production houses, top-notch retail outlet, wholesalers, retailers, importers & exporters participate to enhance their productivity and proficiency.32207477_1654893084588719_6556954492938485760_n

With new addition of International and National exhibitors and buyers, the 12th IIFJAS fair turns more splendid. Here is a chance for the participants to display their creativity to their buyers that hail from across the globe.    32095451_1651204828290878_5701084419855482880_n

Thus, IIFJAS 2018 fair gives a great promotional platform to the jewellery industry and motivate ancillary industries to the jewellery business in the coming years.

CJGF (19th – 21st OCTOBER 2018) CHENNAI

South Indian’s repertoire bases CJGF is the gateway of the Indian jewellery market and will be inaugurated by UBM India. CJGF is scheduled for 19th – 21st October 2018 at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai. Here is a platform for buyers and suppliers to connect and exchange ideas. Also, discover upcoming business trends and generate business opportunities.32231693_1654892871255407_3674985657266077696_n (1)

CJGF is a group of five city Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories show viz. Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Participants are importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers, ornaments manufacturers, diamond & gemstone suppliers. Precious metal and jewellery mounting traders and suppliers, traders, machinery manufacturers and representatives from trade and governmental organizations come under one roof to meet. 31957828_1651204784957549_2783594241845100544_n Delegates from Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and Asian countries will illuminate the fair. This exciting opportunity is not to be missed.

Indian wholesellers of houseware

Stone Made Handicrafts Accessories from Three Different Parts of India31389067_1641650545912973_2107379751650852864_n

Stonework is used in India for decades to manufacture a variety of handicrafts accessories. The stone can withstand the adverse effects of humidity and water better than other materials. Hence, the artisans use this artwork to manufacture unique bathroom accessories or decorative garden accessories along with other furnishing items. There are a variety of stones available in different parts of India. The design of these accessories depends upon the stone’s type and the method of decoration. The craftsmen from different parts of India use different techniques. They use chisels, hammers or abrasive materials to carve shapes onto the stones or to decorate the stony articles.31357624_1641650539246307_4370815782792200192_n

Western India

In western India, Rajasthan is famous for magnificent artefacts made of marble stone. The artistic carvings on the marble wall of Rajput temples show the exquisiteness of Rajasthan’s stonework. The artisans of Rajasthan also design beautiful accessories out of the marble slabs. They decorate the body of these articles with engraved designs of flower, leaves, birds, animal or human figures. Sometimes, the artisans use colorful stones to decorate the artefacts. The latticework is also used to decorate the artefacts of Rajasthan. The Indian handicrafts exporters bring these exquisite accessories to the Indian housewares fair. EPCH conducts this fair every year and it witnesses a footfall of thousands of visitors.31357810_1640813839329977_8642154999113056256_n

Central India

In Central India, the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh make the majority of the artefacts. The artisans of Madhya Pradesh use soapstone to create idols or other articles. They use either a two-dimensional relief work known as Tatiya Saaj or a three-dimensional relief work known as Akshang. The soapstone remains undamaged in humid weather. Hence, the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh use soapstone to manufacture unique garden decorative items. The craftsmen of Balaghat create distinctive decorative items using the green-stone. The tribal and local artisans of Bastar region in Chhattisgarh use pink-and-white colored Sudapaal stones to manufacture beautiful figures of wild animals or decorative utensils. The stone artefacts from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh both exhibit the simplicity of tribal lifestyle and the flora/fauna of local areas.31354775_1640814249329936_8568921554698633216_n

Eastern India

The accessories exporters from India bring a variety of handicrafts accessories from Odisha, Bihar and West Bengal to the handicrafts buyer seller meet. The adept artisans of Bihar carve beautiful figurines of Buddha and Lord Ganesha along with the wild animals or tribal people. The craftsmen of Odisha use sandstone, soapstone, Kochila stone, Nilgiri stone, soft-stone and serpentine stone to create a variety of decorative items. The craftsmen of West Bengal use red-stones to create figurines, carved panels/plaques or utensils.



Accessories exporters from India

Unique Indian Clay Craft Amazes Visitors in Home Expo Fair 2018


Clay craft remains a part of India’s art and culture since the earliest days of civilization. The Indian artisans still maintain the traditional techniques or artistic forms when manufacturing the clay handicraft items. However, many modern artisans like to mix contemporary designs with traditional patterns to create a fusion style and offer something unique to the connoisseurs. The home expo fair 2018 is supposed to bring both traditional and contemporary clay artefacts to the buyers. It is the biggest Indian handicrafts buyer seller meet that happens every year in Delhi. The West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the biggest suppliers of clay artefacts.


Art Forms of West Bengal & Odisha

The craftsmen from Bankura and Krishna Nagar of West Bengal are famous for clay pots and other decorative items. However, the craftsmen of these places use different types of designing method. The artisans of Bankura make red-colored terracotta artefacts. On the other hand, the craftsmen of Krishna Nagar create colorfully painted toys, figurines, dolls and panels. The men and women both participate in this manufacturing process. They use pressing or molding techniques when creating these articles. The artisans of Odisha are also famous for terracotta figurines, pots and other furnishing items. The tribal community of Odisha use a special type of clay to manufacture the artefacts that express a rustic charm. The accessories exporters from India bring all these exclusive home furnishings to expo fairs.


Art Forms of Jharkhand & Madhya Pradesh

The deft artisans of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh manufacture a variety of clay artefacts featuring the tribal lifestyle, tribal figures or animals in the surrounding area. The artisans of Jharkhand manufacture utilitarian items, such as pots, pitchers and cutleries, along with some unique clay masks mimicking the appearance of tribal people. The terracotta figures from Jharkhand feature vibrant colors and glossy finish. The artisans of Madhya Pradesh are famous for red and black terracotta figures of animals, birds and local tribes. The handmade clay toys are manufactured as both solid figures or with hollow cores. The tribal artisans use wheels along with pressing/molding methods to create these artefacts. The Indian handicrafts exporters bring these distinctive artefacts to Indian housewares fair.


Art Forms of Tamil Nadu

This South Indian state is famous for clay-craft along with the woodcraft. The artisans of Vellore manufacture red and black colored earthenware with artistic designs. The artists of Karigiri use semi-vitreous china clay to manufacture beautiful artefacts with realistic looks.31357810_1640813839329977_8642154999113056256_n

These artisans also manufacture realistic comical toys and figures using vivid and glossy colors. These exclusive articles may become the main attraction of home expo fair 2018.